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Feng Shui Step by Step by Raphael Simons

Welcome to Kala’s Quick Five, where I chat with fascinating authors, artists, teachers and researchers and ask them five questions about their work. My guest today is Raphael Simons, a psychic reader, astrologer (Western and Chinese forms) and feng shui expert. Raphael is the best selling author of Feng Shui, Step by Step, Feng Shui Strategies for Business Success: Arranging Your Office for Success and Prosperity, and The Feng Shui of Love. Raphael’s books on Feng Shui have sold worldwide and been translated into over twelve languages.

Kala: Raphael, Welcome to Kala’s Quick Five. You’ve just released a new edition of Feng Shui Step by Step: Arranging Your Home for Health and Happiness – with Personalized Astrological Charts.
What led you to create a new edition of the book?

Raphael: The book was originally published by Crown. Crown was bought out by Bertelsmann and discontinued printing. I got back the US rights to the book and reprinted it through CreateSpace. In the next few months I will reprint my second fengshui book Feng Shui Strategies for Business Success. These books were designed to enable the reader to be able to do a good basic fengshui job for themself. The books are very user friendly.

Kala: Traditional Feng Shui differs in many ways from other versions of ‘westernized’ feng shui. I remember when studying Traditional Feng Shui with one of my teachers, that he referred to the other types of feng shui as the ‘McDonalds’ of feng shui, meaning a fast food abbreviation of the concept. What led you to study feng shui and to embrace the traditional route and teachings?

Raphael: I started learning fengshui in 1988. Someone for whom I was doing astrological readings told me about fengshui describing how a fengshui expert had been employed to locate the best place for the shrine of her Buddhist teacher and how he used Chinese astrology and compass to do that. It got me interested. So, I asked a Chinese friend if she knew anything about it. She did, and gave me the name of a highly respected teacher in Chinatown in New York. His name was Terry Lee. I studied with him. He was purely traditional. He taught me Chinese face reading, and Chinese astrology and fengshui. In the traditional sense all these go together; traditionally, fengshui is seen as a part of Chinese astrology.

Kala: Feng Shui used wisely, can enhance your home environment and support your health, career, finances and relationships. What simple tips can you offer to our readers on how they can use feng shui to create a better life for themselves?

Raphael: The simplest tip is to keep your home and work space open and free of clutter. The more clutter the more confusion, irritation, worry and useless trouble in life.

Kala: Feng Shui deals not only with space, but with time. Many people are not aware that they should have a Feng Shui reading each year, as energy shifts each year. How does time affect one’s home for example with feng shui?

Raphael: Fengshui and Chinese astrology are based on the principles of the five elements: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. The elements are always mutating one into another; they are not distinct, separate entities, but phases of energy that has positive and negative moods, or Yang and Yin. The energetic situation in the heavens, the weather, the situation in the earth and in the affairs of all living things including the humans is in constant flux. The energetic situation in the home changes with the tides of nature. The home can be tuned with fengshui methods so that the balance is maintained optimally with changing condition of nature in the outer world as well as in the people living in the home thus insuring the best conditions in life. Everything changes. Maintaining balance in changing conditions is the object in fengshui, Qigong and Chinese medicine. Change happens in time. Everything in nature is always in flux like the tides of the ocean.

Kala: The Chinese New Year is soon upon us. What animal represents 2011 and what does this mean for us this year?

Raphael: 2011 marks the year of Metal Rabbit. Here is a fengshui forecast with tips:

Chinese New Year, the year of Metal Rabbit, starts on the new moon of February 2nd, 2011.  Owing to the total balance of the Chinese astrological chart for the New Year, the predominant element for the year is Wood. This means that the restless, angry conditions that had been developing in 2010 will carry over through 2011. The year of Metal Rabbit will bring stormy weather especially to the east coast. Expect lots of snow, rain, and wind.

The predominance of Wood in the chart also tells us that the East, namely China and East Asia, will become stronger this year while the West will see the opposite. Asia is rising. It will take more than one more year to find a balance. We will see this in the money market; the Yuan will rise against the Dollar. The Dollar will fall against the Yuan.

The vital element for the year is Fire. Fire is very lively. This tells us to be active. Fire in this chart gives greatest emphasis to your house, home, business and career interests. Pay special attention to these areas of your life this year. You will need to take positive actions to adjust to changing conditions in the world. Pay attention to your office and home office. Keep these areas in order.

This is a good year for making plans and business decisions. It calls for being vigorous, alert, decisive and bold and taking initiative. With these qualities you can take calculated risks in exploring new directions. You will have to stand up against challenges to assert yourself. On the other hand, if the afore mentioned qualities are not your style, you will have to show yourself to be trustworthy, upright, law abiding, responsible, disciplined and forthright in order to meet the demands of the time. Either way, you may be sure that you may receive assistance when it is needed. Be willing and prepared to give assistance to others as well. The year signs encourage people to help one another. The year signs also favor using divination and astrology to help you find the way forward. This also means that in your home you should have an area that is peaceful and quiet where you can reflect and work out your plans. Too many distractions will weaken you this year.

The signs of the year point out that if you are sharp and smart you will succeed in your efforts. But if you aren’t beware of thieves. Make sure your home is protected and that you are secure in your situation.

The year does not give much support to family life. Pay careful attention to your spouse or partner and to your children. Make sure your home is welcoming, peaceful and comfortable for everyone, not just for you.

The year signs also favor moving house. If you are not thinking of moving, however, the year favors making positive changes in your career and to your home. If you are not planning to move rearrange your home to open up new energies and bring in new opportunities.

2011 is also the year of 7 Metal Star. It favors communicating and dealing fairly with others. Entertaining pie in the sky will lead to disappointments. Be level headed. If the door to your home faces either east or south; that is to say, if when standing in the doorway, looking out, you are facing either east or south, put five copper coins under the doormat in an inverted V pattern, the point of the V pointing out the doorway to protect your home against destructive influences.

This year the shars, or secret arrows, are coming from the west. It is recommended you don’t sit with your back to west this year. If you want to use a west wall, however, hang something deep blue or black on that west wall to mitigate the shar energy.

Kala: In Traditional Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology also plays an important role in the analysis. How does astrology work with feng shui?

Raphael: Astrology is time; what people think of as fengshui is space. Space and time are seen as two sides of one coin in Chinese Taoist theory. You cannot split them and have the right understanding. Where you are affects what is happening at the time you are there. Where and when are inseparable. Making the Chinese astrological chart shows the conditions in time, but they also show where they happen. When Chinese astrology is understood to contain spacial ideas it can be used to prolong life. Space includes climate, compass direction and color. For instance if you need Fire element the best climate for you is hot, dry and sunny, the best direction is South and the best colors are red, rose, pink and purple. If you need Wood element the best climate for you is warm, breezy and rainy. The best direction is East and the best colors are green and light blue. Each of the elements has its climate, compass direction and color. The interaction of time and space in fengshui is very sophisticated.

Kala: Thank you for your time Raphael. More information about Raphael Simons and his work can be found on his website at: and on his blogs – the Astroblog and the Feng Shui Blog. Raphael was also a guest on The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, the interview can be heard on

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