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A real voodoo "conjure" given to me last night by an amazing practitioner that I met at the New Orleans Witches Ball
A real “conjure” given to me last October by an amazing practitioner that I met at the New Orleans Witches Ball

When I was in New Orleans last October on book tour for Spirits of New Orleans,  I had the most amazing week where I met a wide variety of energy workers, wise women and men, conjurers, rootworkers, voodoo and hoodoo practitioners and lovers of all things spiritual, metaphysical and paranormal. 

One of my favorite experiences of the week was being the featured author at the New Orleans Witches Ball, where I met the wonderful Louis Martinie of Black Moon publishing.

At the end of the evening, he bestowed upon me the most magnanimous gift, a special conjure bottle as seen here in the photo on the left.  

I’ll treasure this gift always, as I could feel the love and generosity being extended to me in this gift, which went far beyond the physical manifestation.

I think gifts of this nature are some of the most truly blessed and it goes without saying, unique. These bottles have been used for a variety of purposes to offer spiritual assistance, including holding a conjure or spell and storing botanicals and herbs for future use. Conjure bottles are microcosms of worlds created through thought and intention with a specific purpose. The items gathered to be placed in the bottle often contain herbs, oils, spices, stones, gemstones, feathers and other byproducts for the specific intention being cast. Once the bottle has been filled with the ingredients, it is sealed and held in the practitioner’s hands, where it is prayed over with the focused intention and blessed.  Many times the name of the person or the request is written on a small piece of paper and included inside the bottle.

burlap wrapped bottles at Kirklands
burlap wrapped bottles at Kirklands

The bottles are one form of holding the energetic space for this type of spiritual work. Another form is using a bag to hold the items, like gris-gris bags in New Orleans. I’ve created bags of these types for years, which I refer to as Mojo Bags. We’ll be exploring this type of work this August in the Wise Woman Wisdom Group Study Course that I’m offering online via webinar.

I’m always on the lookout for unique items to use with this type of work and just recently to my delight and surprise, I found the cutest bottles for wise woman work like this at Kirklands.  Yes, Kirklands, check them out they are so adorable!

These glass bottles are wrapped in burlap and come with a cork stopper. The burlap is stamped in No. 1, 2 and 3 and there are other designs with fleur de lis symbols and others. The burlap provides the perfect area in back to write the intention of each bottle with a sharpie marker.

To keep the energy active and engaged inside the bottle, gently shake the bottle once a day while focusing on your request. Larger glass containers such as mason jars are also commonly used in this practice to hold larger items as needed for certain requests.

Want to learn more about how to create conjure bottles and mojo bags?

Join the Wise Woman Wisdom Group Study Course through my Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences, where each month a new course is taught. You can read about the course and the syllabus here.


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