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Scorned by Josephine Templeton
Scorned by Josephine Templeton

Hello Sweet Readers, along my travels I often have the great pleasure to meet up with other authors and learn about their work. Recently as I was speaking on an author panel at UnDead Con in New Orleans, I had the pleasure to meet fellow author Josephine Templeton.

Her new book is Scorned. Here’s an overview about the book: Angelle, God’s first Angel, fell from grace along with Satan. However, after thousands of years as Satan’s girlfriend, Angelle wants back into heaven and becomes human. Now she must atone for her sins and save as many souls as she damned while fighting vampires and demons. One more condition – she must remain celibate.

Jack, a vampire hunter, visits Angelle’s bar, and their attraction is instant. But after watching her walk away from a car accident, he’s convinced she’s a vampire and must die. When Angelle doesn’t burst into flames at sunrise, Jack joins her quest to save souls. The partnership is jeopardized when two of the Scorned Bride’s daughters enthrall him.

Angelle must save Jack from another dimension, but in doing so, she risks her salvation. Will Jack want to be saved by the time she finds him? And if they survive the Scorned Bride, can they survive each other?

Did it grab your attention? 🙂 I invited Josephine to be a guest blogger here on Kala’s Bohemian Blog and without further ado, here’s Josephine to tell you more about her new novel, Scorned…. 🙂

From Josephine: I’m jazzed about my latest release, Scorned.  It’s an urban fantasy about a former fallen angel who has to save an arcane hunter from another dimension before she is sent back to Hell.  The book is the first of a series, and I am ¾ finished with the 2nd book, Broken. swamp1

When I think about what drew me to writing about a fallen angel, I simply recall driving home from work, being stuck in traffic and having those two words pop into my head: fallen angel.  At the time, I was writing A Pirate’s Kiss, so I had to put it on the back burner.

Scorned is an urban fantasy that has ties to Baton Rouge but is mostly set in Watson, Louisiana.  Eventually, Angelle ends up deep in the swamps of Louisiana, and my inspiration for that came from many years of fishing in the bayous with my husband.  The direct inspiration for the scenes in Scorned came from an area known as Bayou Pigeon, where we have a fishing camp.  In the heat of the summer, my hubby took me photo-fishing while he fished.

If you ever have the opportunity to go on a swamp tour, do it!  You will be amazed!

This one reminds Josephine of a Queen with her King holding court. The cypress knees are their subjects.
This one reminds Josephine of a Queen with her King holding court. The cypress knees are their subjects.

Here’s a teaser from Scorned.  I hope you get the opportunity to meet my characters and take a journey with them.  Enjoy the demon-wings! ~ Josephine

Chapter 1

Angelle’s bathroom

Watson, Louisiana

Sunday, December 17th, 4:00 PM

Countdown: 14 Days 23 Hours 59 minutes 59 Seconds

I stepped into the dark bathroom and reached for the switch. Icy fingers wrapped around my left wrist, stopping me. A gasp escaped my lips as my heart jumped into my throat. I pressed my right hand to my chest, as if that would help calm the adrenaline pumping through me.

“Damn it, Robert.”

“Well, I couldn’t let you turn on the light to send me back to Hell yet, Angelle.” His cold fingers slid away from my wrist.

My eyesight adjusted to the dark, and the demon came into focus. His short black hair stood up in disarray, and stubble covered his narrow chin. He smelled of sun, sand and ocean, and I wondered what demon chick had gotten him the cologne. I should send her a thank you card because I hated his normal smoky scent. Everyone has a special scent, and unfortunately, many beings stink worse than dog doo-doo.

”So how’s the Shade-demon business going these days?” I asked.

“Better than picking fleas off the hounds of Hell.”

I shuddered. No fluffy puppies there. Hellhound creatures were all teeth. “Wise choice.”

Before I could protest, Robert pressed his lips to mine. I was sweaty and grimy from my morning jog, and I wanted to push him away. He couldn’t have waited ‘til I bathed?

He pulled his head back. “Well? Did that kiss spark our old flame?”

I swiped at my lips with the back of my hand “It was ok, but no bells.”

He slid his hands to my waist and kept me firmly in place. “I wish you hadn’t become human. We could have spent eternity together.”

I smiled as I recalled our bittersweet, whirlwind romance. “I love you, Robert, but I’m not in love with you. Get over me.”

His hands relaxed their hold on me, and he stepped away with a deep chuckle. “Believe it or not, Angelle, I am. You’re beautiful, but you aren’t the only fallen angel in the sea.”

“Jerk.” I brushed past him and stepped in front of the mirror, pulling my long blonde hair out of the ponytail. After leaning in close to inspect the dark circles under my eyes, I turned on the water and waited for it to heat up. “I’m gonna get my wings back one day.”

He moved to stand directly behind me. I watched his darkened figure in the mirror. “Fallen angels don’t get their wings back.”

My heart twisted at the barb of his words. I lifted my nose in defiance. “Abbadona did.”

Robert snorted. “That particular fallen angel dogged every step the archangel took. I hope you’re not foolish enough to try that route.”

“So you think Abbadona was a fool? Do you think I’m one for wanting to get back into Heaven?” I crossed my arms and tapped my foot. “I’ll have you know, Robert Andrew de Bric the Third, the way into Heaven is not through the Archangel Michael.”

“My point exactly,” he whispered. I detected pity in his voice, which I abhorred. “Do you honestly think they’ll let the leader of the lust demons in?”

Heat rose in my face as my heart ached and unwanted tears sprang to my eyes. I didn’t want to remember the tortures I’d endured as the girlfriend of Satan (aka Nate) … nor the ones I had dished out. “I had no choice in the things I did. Satan made me do it.”

“That’s what they all say.”

I covered my face with a hot washcloth. No doubt about it. Memories can be painful. An image flashed in my head of Satan lashing a fellow fallen angel because I had refused to learn how to draw forth lust. He knew how to motivate me and often used my compassion for others against me.

When the silence became overwhelming, I slammed the rag into the sink before facing him. “Just give me the damn riddle.”

The temperature dropped, and goose bumps rose on my bare arms. Robert’s eyes glowed red, and his skin rippled as it changed from human-like to charcoal-colored scales. His inner demon scared the hell out of me. My fear was irrational because I knew he would never hurt me.

“Solve the riddle in fifteen days.” The smooth sexiness of Robert’s voice had changed to demonic scariness. “And I won’t eat your soul.”

“Spare me the drama, Bob. I know the drill.” My voice quivered, and I rolled my eyes, disgusted at myself. I had to take him off his demonic horse or my heart was going to burst from irrational fear.

“Gelle, don’t call me that.”

I ground my teeth at the nickname. I bit back a smart-ass retort because I wanted to get this done. As the temperature dropped another ten degrees, I shuddered from the chill.

“Ladies-in-waiting steal gentlemen’s port to give to the bride who’s forever scorned.”

Robert slapped a thick gold bracelet around my left wrist. The riddle was inscribed on the bracelet. Thankfully, that part was on the same side as my palm. Beneath the black letters ticked a digital clock that slowly ticked down from 15 days. While the bracelet fit comfortably, I knew attempts to remove it would prove futile due to the magic infused into it. Upon answering the riddle and vanquishing the baddie associated with it, the bracelet would disappear.

I shook my head and sighed. I had always solved his riddles with ease. The longest it had ever taken me was fifteen days. I hoped this one would be just as easy.

The acrid scent of demon burned my nose as Robert finished his spell. He always smelled of ash when exerting his powers, and I would smell like Hell for days. Shampoo would take care of my hair, but I’d have to throw my clothes away.

“So glad you did this before I got a bath.”

“I thought you’d like that.” Robert’s voice had returned to its hot silkiness. “But I dearly wanted to pop in on you while you were in the tub. I can hang around and keep you company if you’d like.”

I ushered him toward the door. “See you later, Robert.”

“I can wash your back.”

“Goodbye, Robert.” I stepped past him.

“Or even your hair.”

I reached out and flicked on the light. “Adios, mi amigo.”

“Oh, you’re no fun.” His voice trailed off into nothingness.


Enjoy the demon-wings!


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