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Welcome to Kala’s Quick Five, where I chat with fascinating authors, artists, teachers and researchers and ask them five questions about their work. My guest today is Edain Duguay, a paranormal/fantasy novelist, best selling eBook author and award winning blog writer.

Kala: Edain, welcome to Kala’s Quick Five. You’re a pagan and the former owner and editor of The Pagan Activist. How has your spiritual journey as a pagan, enhanced your life and your writing?

Edain: Thank you for inviting me, Kala.

I have been a practicing Pagan since the age of 17 and for a while, during my first marriage, life took me away from my studies and from the spiritual life I wanted to lead. After my life changed, I fell back into step with my spiritual side and instantly felt I was in the right place for me, an inner peace has been growing ever since.

I’ve been writing since the age of nine when I wrote and ‘published’ my first book in a school project and was ‘bitten by the writing bug’. I’ve noticed that since I returned to practicing my Pagan/Heathen beliefs, my writing and imagination have expanded beyond words. It’s as if living the spiritual life I wanted has opened up my creative side and the story ideas and characters are now rushing to get out.

Kala: You write in the paranormal/fantasy genre as well as in young adult and children’s books for age eight and older. The children’s books include: Holly the Hasty Witch, Ash the Solitary Witch, Ivy the Stubborn Witch and Hazel the Unwise Witch. What inspired you to write this series of books and how many will there be in the full series?

Edain: I was inspired to write this series whilst raising my daughter, Melissa.

There was a huge lack of Pagan related children’s books around and even less that were realistic, even if still fiction. Yes, I could read to, or with her, about magicians and strangely deformed bad guys but after working in a school and observing the many problems that children go through in their lives, I wanted to create stories that would connect with children and have a realistic Pagan thread to them.

‘The Witchlets of Witches Brew’ series may not be classed as ‘high adventure’, but they can be associated with real life problems and, hopefully, give children a good Pagan related base to help them work through some of their issues.

In total, there are eight tales in ‘The Witchlets of Witches Brew’ series, the remaining four will be published in 2011. All these stories center around eight friends, who live in the modern day Pagan village of Brew, commonly known by the name of ‘Witches Brew’ because everyone who lives there is a Witch. The villagers of Brew worship the land and the seasons, they celebrate the wonders of life and nature during their eight ‘wheel of the year’ celebrations. The celebrations also see deep changes within each child’s life and every tale is relative to the yearly celebrations around which it is set.

Kala: E-books can allow for a quick turn around on publication. As an avid reader, when I fall in love with the characters in a series, it can be tough to wait years for the next book to become available.  As the owner of Wyrdwood Publications, you have four new books scheduled to be released in 2011. What prompted the decision for you to publish e-books and how have your fans responded with this decision?

Edain: I too have felt bereft when I’ve come to the end of a book and I know I’ll be waiting a long time, possibly years, before knowing what happened next. This need and the possibility of a reduction in trees being cut down, led me to look for a suitable alternative and, of course, eBooks filled that niche.

The response from my fans has been excellent. I believe one of the reason why my eBooks have been so well received is the fact that they are in PDF format and can be read on any computer, saving the reader the expense of costly e-readers and making them accessible for all.

I do have plans to publish some of my eBooks as paperbacks, but I’ll also be including these publications in the ‘Green Leaves’ policy that Wyrdwood Publications uses. This policy is connected to the Eco-Libris project and means that for every copy sold, a tree is planted in a deforested area of the world. Some of the eBooks published by Wyrdwood Publications are already included in this project and I hope to add more over time.

Kala: You write a monthly column called ‘The Pagan Heathen’, great title! What topics do you discuss in the column?

Edain: The Pagan Heathen is a column I write for The Pagan and the Pen website. Most columns on the website relate directly to a Pagan outlook and lifestyle. When I was invited to write a column I wanted to give my Heathen side a voice and the owner of the website was very encouraging.

Essentially, The Pagan Heathen is a monthly column, which explores Paganism and Heathenism and how the two can meld together. The subjects of the articles published so far have been; Sumbel 101, the Norse virtues vs. the Druidic virtues, an in depth look at the Noble Virtues of Perseverance, Courage and Hospitality. There is also an interview with an Asatru author, who has been published through Wyrdwood Publications and there will be another interview, with an author who also writes children’s fiction, in November. Future articles will include, amongst many other topics, a look at the meaning of Kindred and an exploration of what the Wild Hunt and Yule mean to Heathens.

Kala: Beyond your writing Edain, how else do you explore your spirit?

Edain: I enjoy helping to bring to life spiritual groups in whatever way I can, I have been a founding member of a Druid Grove (ADF), a Asatru Kindred and an Eclectic Circle. I’ve also created and hosted pub moots and been an organizer of a Pagan music festival and a women’s retreat.

When I’m not writing or working on a community project, I like to get outside and connect with nature. My husband and I are working towards our goal of eventually buying a piece of land and living off it in a sustainable way, this, of course, means we are doing a lot of studying to gain the knowledge we will need, but the end result will be worthwhile. You can see our progress via our blog: Gramarye ~ the Magical Homestead.

I would just like to say thank you, Kala, for the opportunity to be here today. 🙂

Kala: Edain, thank you for joining me here on Kala’s Quick Five. More about Edain Duguay, Wyrdwood Publications, her books and her work can be found here:

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