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Welcome to the ‘Quick Five’, where I chat with fascinating authors, artists, teachers and researchers and ask them five questions about their work. Our guest today is Elizabeth Harper, an internationally acclaimed soul therapist, color intuitive, healer, and teacher. Originally from England, she has appeared on British and American radio and television, presents workshops and offers consultations worldwide, and is a faculty member of the renowned Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in New York. She is the author of Wishing: How to Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires, creator of the Chakra Workout Meditations CD, and designer of the color-coded Sealed With Love jewelry.  Elizabeth’s infectious fun, laughter, love and her obvious embodiment of spiritual truth, touches her work with magic.

Kala: Elizabeth, welcome to the Quick Five. You teach about Color Intuition and how the colors we choose at any given moment reflect messages from a deeper part of our being. How does color reflect our inner self and can we enhance our lives through color?

Elizabeth: Every day you choose color on some level, the clothes you wear, the color of your surroundings, what you choose to eat and drink, even your car color can reflect who you are. If you understand the symbolic meaning of color then all these choices you are making every day can give you clues into what is happening in your life on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and prophetic level. You can also use the power of color to invoke certain energies. For example, blue is a color of communication, peace, and creativity. Wearing blue to an interview for instance will help keep you mellow, inspire your thoughts, and encourage the interviewee to view you as a diligent and trustworthy worker. If you are a writer or an artist and need inspiration then blue can help with this too.

Kala: You have a weekly Colorscope video, where people choose the color that they are most attracted to and then you explain the meaning behind the color. In this form of divination, what have people discovered about themselves and the colors they choose?

Elizabeth: People have realized just how intuitive they are! I get some wonderful feedback from this weekly offering. I am always inspired by my guides to use certain colors – different ones each week – and of course they inspire my words so the interpretations are occasionally surprising, but apparently “spot on!” This is a great tool to help people realize the multifaceted symbolism of color, plus it’s colorisciously fun!

Kala: You create Sealed With Love Jewelry, which offers personal designs.  Tell us about your jewelry line…
Elizabeth: In my work as a color intuitive I offer advice and guidance based upon the colors I see in the personal energy field of the person I am working with. I have spent years telling people what colors they need to “eat, drink, meditate with, wear, and surround themselves with” in order to move through obstacles, change consciousness, and to heal their lives. One day it dawned on me that by creating jewelry I could not only offer them the color they needed, but I could also bring healing into their lives through making the jewelry myself. My line of color-coded jewelry reflects the meaning of the colors I see in the aura. For instance, the Open to Receive bracelet is lilac and pink. I see these colors in the energy fields of those who are opening their hearts to receive love and abundance in their lives. When someone wears this bracelet this is exactly what it does. The Shake it Off! Bracelet was completely inspired by my spirit guide Alim. He directed me to create a piece with black, grey, and white specifically for healers to help them release the energy they picked up during the healing session. The colors you are drawn to reveal what you need at this moment so each piece of my jewelry that attracts you also acts as an oracle.

Kala: You and I will be teaching together in July 2010 at the Omega Institute in New York. Our workshop is entitled:  Energy Anatomy: Exploring and Healing Your Aura and Chakras. From your perspective, what will this workshop offer that has not been shared before?

Elizabeth: Many people who educate others on the auras and chakras have never actually seen them, so I feel that we both bring this experience to the table and coming from different perspectives and backgrounds just adds to our work together. I have seen auras and energy fields since I was a child, so my experience and knowledge as a color intuitive plus the unique and profound guidance of my guide Alim can offer students a more personal approach to this subject matter. I like to bring unique and fun exercises to open up the intuitive senses. Because it’s fun it can take the edge off of performance giving people permission to play with the idea of seeing, sensing and healing energies. We also work really well together.

Kala: Your Intuitive Soul Guidance works with Aura Soma Therapy, which some people are not familiar with. Can you explain Aura Soma Therapy and how it works?

Elizabeth: I was introduced to this system in England during the 1980’s when I trained as a Color Therapist. The bottles contain oil and water, one or two colors, aromatherapy oils, crystal essences and herbal essences. There are currently 107 differently colored bottles as well as complementary essences that are used to invite certain energies in. The idea is that the colors you choose reveal your journey through life at this moment. Each bottle you choose has a specific name and meaning. The contents of the bottles can be used on the physical body for healing, but I like to use them as a visual tool for healing and prophetic use. It is a really beautiful system and one that I use together with other techniques.

Kala: Elizabeth, thank you for joining us here on the Quick Five. Looking forward to teaching with you again in July at the Omega Institute. Dear readers, if interested, visit the Omega Institute for information on the workshop and to register.

Elizabeth: Thank you Kala, I look forward to our class in July too. The Omega campus is a really magical place for us to share our work together. The energy is amazing and I know that people who come to our class will have a truly memorable and wonderful weekend.
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Join Kala in July 2010 as she teaches at the Omega Institute for a weekend workshop entitled:
Energy Anatomy: Exploring and Healing Your Auras and Chakras.

More about Kala Ambrose: Kala Ambrose is an award winning author, intuitive and talk show host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show. Her thought-provoking interviews entice listeners to tune in around the globe! Described by her guests and listeners as discerning, empowering and inspiring, she speaks with world renowned authors, artists, teachers and researchers delving into metaphysical, holistic and paranormal topics. Kala’s book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled delves into the mysteries of ancient Egyptian mystery schools and explains their wisdom teachings. Kala’s Guided Meditations CD’s include a sacred site trilogy including Spirit of Hawaii, Egyptian Mystery Temple and Tibetan Mountain Journey. Kala lectures on Wisdom Teachings, Developing Business Intuition, Working with Auras, Chakras and Energy Fields, and Wise Woman Wisdom (also known as the Divine Feminine).

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