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Use candles, gemstones and a tibetan bell to call forth the energy of Spring
Use candles, gemstones and a tibetan bell to call forth the energy of Spring

In the March online group course of Wise Woman Wisdom here at my Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, we explored the Goddess Ostara.

Ostara is the origin of the word Eostre, which has since evolved into the English word we know as Easter.  The word comes from the root word “East” and is focused on this direction as this is where the sun rises, representing the coming dawn, the morning light and a symbolic rebirth and resurrection.

In ancient times, the lunar goddess Ostara was celebrated on the full moon, which followed the vernal equinox, which is more commonly referred to today as the spring equinox.

The legend of Ostara is that she is one of the forms of the Triple Goddess in Maiden form.  She is young, loving, and full of light and joy.  She brings Spring each year and generates creativity, fertility and transformation. Symbols connected with Ostara include rabbits, eggs, nests and baskets, which represent fertility, rebirth and transformation.

During the online Wise Woman Course, we delved into the ancient traditions on how to create sacred space with an altar to celebrate during the Spring,  including how to use the power of sound to stimulate, transform and awaken your aura and chakra energy. As with all work in the mystical arts, the magic is in the intention, the focused thought and energy put into the ritual, which in this case was focused on tapping into the rejuvenating energy of the Spring Equinox. 

tibetan bell To activate this energy using the power of sound, I highly recommend the Tibetan Bell with Dorje and Striker – 5″ Bronze for this use in the altar work. Use the dorje with the bell in order to tap into the clearing energy of the Divine Masculine energy and then ring the bell to bring forth the enlightening energy of the Divine Feminine. Gemstones are also important to incorporate into this practice, with an emphasis on rose quartz, moonstone, amethyst and aquamarine. During the course, I explained how to consecrate the bell to be filled with the blessings of Ostara, so that during the next three months of Spring when the bell is rung, it will deliver the empowering energy of rejuvenation, renewal and transformation.

Next up in the April Wise Woman Course, we’ll be exploring Elementals in the Garden and How to Connect with the Devic Kingdom. Would you like to join us? Are you feeling the Clarion Call of the Wise Woman? Does your heart race and your senses tingle when you see something that reminds you of the old ways, whether they be Celtic, Egyptian, Greek or others?

bunny-sm-wiseewoman copyIf so, the Divine Feminine is calling your name. The time has come for women to explore a journey of self-enlightenment, releasing the goddess energy within, rekindling lost dreams from the high priestess and awakening the ancient spirits and legends of the ones who came before us.

I’m offering this new one year course, an inter-active guide of how to connect with the ancient energy from the wisdom of the elders. It’s time to rediscover the High Priestess living within you.

Explore your goddess roots and history on a soul stirring spiritual journey and discover the magic that lives within you. The Spirit of the Divine Feminine has a wish for you, for a wonder filled life, full of magic and power. Come dance in the moonlight and discover who you were born to be!

Quarter One (Jan/Feb/March) of the Wise Woman Wisdom course will soon be available on video.

Quarter Two (Apr/May/June) begins on Thursday, April 6th

to study the Wise Woman Wisdom Course via Online Webinar.


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