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Welcome to Kala’s Quick Five, where I chat with fascinating authors, artists, teachers and researchers and ask them five questions about their work. My guest today is Gary McDonald, author of Everything You Need to Know to Get to Heaven: Decoding the Bible The Secret Behind 2012. Gary holds dual Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in Marketing and Finance from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and a Master of Arts in Counseling from the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. A Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado, he is well versed in spiritual subject matter, dream interpretation, trained in past life regression, and has worked with Celtic, Native American, and Peruvian shamans. A businessman and entrepreneur, McDonald has dedicated his life to serving humankind both nationally and internationally. More info at: or more simply

Kala: Gary, the title of your book is “Everything You Need to Know to Get to Heaven.” I’m curious, saying that you know “Everything” that a person needs to know to get to heaven, is a very bold statement. How did you determine that you could write and include everything?

Gary: In my early thirties I somehow came to the realization that I had a special message I needed to communicate to the world, and that this was one of the primary reasons for me to be here on earth at this time. I intuitively knew that it is in my spiritual contract; the one I created for myself before I was born. The book title seemed to come to me out of nowhere. My initial intention was to write an overview of spirituality but I never imagined until much later that it would develop into what it did. As I delved into new age concepts – something new to me at the time – I suddenly began having very extraordinary experiences. One morning upon awakening, I felt as if I was being held in the palm of God’s loving hand and at that moment I was shown my own soul. Later I began having out-of-body experiences that provided a glimpse of other dimensions. One morning, again upon awakening, my third eye opened up completely and I saw the universal matrix and a spiritual download of information flooded into me. For a nanosecond I had become enlightened. It was quite overwhelming. On another occasion I left my body through my third eye and went to the sixth heaven. Yes, there is more than one heaven. There are actually seven. Why do you think we say “I’m in seventh heaven”? It is a soul truism. We talk about spiritual truths on a daily basis without even realizing it. As I began to piece together religion, new age principles, ancient philosophies, and science, I began to see the “big picture.” It was like putting together a giant God puzzle. Eventually I came to a point where it all made sense. Everything is interrelated. God is everything which makes everything sacred. It is mankind that corrupts Spirit’s creations because we fell in consciousness. But there is a reason for our fall. We fell in consciousness so that we could experience these dimensions as our reality. Without a fall, none of this would seem real. It is real of course, but it is not our truest reality. Our task now, is to return to our original point of enlightenment. That involves an evolving consciousness, individually and collectively. That is our journey and it is detailed quite extensively in my book.

Kala: How did you come up with the belief that there are only 144,000 souls in this universe and why only 144,000?

Gary: Oh, that is a great question. During my spiritual download, when I witnessed the matrix, I realized that this universe is based on mathematics. The subtitle of my book is Decoding the Bible – The Secret Behind 2012. Throughout the Bible, it talks about God’s chosen people, the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In each tribe there are exactly 12,000 members. Twelve (tribes) multiplied times 12,000 (people in each tribe) equals 144,000 members. These people represent the exact number of people that will attain heaven. But obviously there are some flaws in the idea that the rest of us will be condemned to an eternity of hell. First, I don’t believe God has favorites, that He (She) would love certain people more than others. Isn’t He supposed to be an unconditionally loving God? So if God is an unconditionally loving Being, how could He condemn any one of His children to an eternity of hell no matter what we did? Assuming we all go to heaven (eventually), the only explanation is that when God created the universe, He created a specific number of souls, that number being 144,000. What this means is that we each, on average, are living 45,000-plus parallel lives just in this dimension alone. If you consider that the Oversoul is really one spiritual body in which we are all a part of – an ocean of consciousness in form – why would it be any more of a stretch to believe that we are each one soul living many parallel lives, all for the benefit of the experience? To negate this possibility limits God. Didn’t Jesus himself say that we are all gods and that we can perform greater miracles than He? In the book I explain in much greater detail how mathematically it makes complete sense.

Kala: The subtitle for your book is “The Secret Behind 2012.”.  What’s the secret?

Gary: Some of my dreams are prophetic. I can ask a question and I receive messages from what I believe is my soul. Often times they come in symbols and I use the Jungian style of dream analysis to interpret them. I have been doing it for nearly 20 years quite successfully predicting what lies ahead for me in the future. Sometimes the messages I receive are very straightforward. In one particular dream I was told that the transition to the next dimension – the fifth dimension – set to occur in 2012, will not occur on December 21st as everyone seems to think. It will actually occur the next day on December 22nd due to a quantum shift in time forward. Now the good news is that we have time to prepare for the transition. The bad news is that December 22nd is a Saturday, the day of the Sabbath. In the Book of Revelation it states the following:

“Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again. If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” Matthew 24:20-22

So it appears that Mankind may have chosen the more difficult path to the next dimension in that we are not ready this transition and therefore we must suffer the consequences of our poor choices. In effect, we are facing an upcoming Armageddon as an accelerated backlash of our own karma. This very difficult transition has been prophesied by Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, the Hopi elders, John the Apostle, the prophet Daniel and many others. In my final chapter entitled Immortal Life Yoga I explain how best to prepare for this shift to the fifth dimension.

Kala: You have a hypothesis for Darwin’s “Missing Link Theory”, which merges with Intelligent Design. Can you explain this hypothesis to the readers?

Gary: Genesis states that man was made in the image of God. “So God created man in his own image…” Genesis 1:27
It is unlikely that God looks like an ape or what morphed into man as we know ourselves to be today. Therefore it would be obvious that the soul, as consciousness in form, is what was created in the likeness of God. But the question remains, When did ape become man? I believe that the introduction of the soul is the key to marrying the diverging concepts of Evolutionary Theory and Intelligent Design. When the ape was physically developed enough for a soul to reside in the form of the ape, ape became man. The term ape here again is used loosely; science suggests that chimpanzee may be more accurate. The main point I am trying to make here is that the addition of a soul’s consciousness to ape form is what made man a man. This theory would explain how the divergence between ape and man occurred without the extinction of the parent organism. Before the introduction of the soul into ape, all ape forms were more or less soul-less beings, or rather beings without the superior God Consciousness aspect in them, similar to how they exist today. The ape, as is true for all animals, is not conscious to the level of man. Animals tend to operate more on instinct and do not have freedom of choice to the extent that man does. The increased level of consciousness that occurred when individualized souls entered apes created a higher level of conscious being, immediately causing a split from the ape form. The parent ape continued as an ape because in effect it remained a completely distinct creature. The ape did not become extinct as Darwin suggests it should have because the higher level of consciousness created in ape-man was in essence a new type of being unrelated to the ape. With the addition of the soul, there was a split or divergence in the line of apes. Apes continued as the parent species virtually unaltered because the child species was born with a new consciousness. In this way, the unaffected parent species could continue its existence and even coexist with the new ape-man species, and did. Therefore, the key to merging both theories is the introduction of soul consciousness into the ape form making both theories true. Conversely, the story of Adam and Eve is just that, a story, which too is decoded in my book.

Kala: In your book, you discuss redefining the Holy Trinity. How do you feel that it should be redefined?

Gary: The Trinity collectively represents all levels of consciousness. It is the light and the darkness, the unmanifested and the manifested, form and non-form, energy and non-energy, personal and impersonal. The Father or the Impersonal God, the truest essence of God, is unmanifested; it is non-form and non-energy and pure consciousness. Inherent within the all-knowing Impersonal God is an infinite number of possibilities. Out of the unmanifested Impersonal God was born the Personal God as the Christ Body through the energy of the Holy Spirit as God’s thought expressed into form. The Christ Body is Spirit manifested in form or Spirit-form. The Christ Body is also considered the Supreme Personality of God or the Personal God. The Christ Body has a dual nature. As an undivided being or singular soul, it is one Oversoul. The Christ Body simultaneously is also all points of individual God Consciousness or souls. It is both one being and many beings at the same time. It is a point of God Consciousness and many points of God Consciousness concurrently. These Christ Body beings, collectively as one, and individually as many, in a state of perfection vibrate at the level of Christ Consciousness. It is only through the Christ Body that we come to know the Impersonal God.

The Holy Spirit is the Impersonal God’s creative energy (God’s thought expressed) and the universal life force that sustains all life. It is the life force within each of us. On the spiritual plane, it is considered the feminine aspect of God. On the physical plane, it’s represented in form by Mother Earth and by Mother Nature. The Holy Spirit acts as a wave of consciousness, whereas the Christ Body acts as an ocean of consciousness as well as particles of individual consciousness. Again, how God is defined depends upon which facet or aspect of God you are referring to or focusing on. The Holy Spirit is also Christ Consciousness itself; a level of being or enlightenment. It is Christ Consciousness itself versus a being that is Christ Conscious; a small but noteworthy distinction. The Christ Principle is material form, which is a creative product of the Christ Body made possible by the creative energies of the Holy Spirit. The Christ Principle has a lesser consciousness and is not considered a part of the Christ Body or Holy Spirit. However, in the truest sense, there is no separation between any one of these aspects; everything in reality is a part of one Universal God and everything else is a non-reality. What I have attempted to do here is condense a section of chapters into a few written words. This explanation is far from a complete explanation. For example, the Holy Spirit is also the mind of God, the vibration of Spirit and kundalini energy at the same time. There is a highly fascinating, more complete, explanation of the Trinity in my book.

Kala: Thank you for your time Gary, appreciate you joining me here on Kala’s Quick Five.

Gary: It is my pleasure.

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