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Creating Stormy Weather Patterns in the Aura
Creating Stormy Weather Patterns in the Aura

When we have a negative thought which upsets us deeply on an emotional level for a long period of time or we obsess about it often, we give it a tremendous amount of energy. This energy is then stored in our aura.

We also have the power to give positive energy to a thought, which stores that positive thought energy into our aura, which assists with manifesting good in our life.

Many people have not yet learned to focus their thoughts long term on positive outcomes and manifestations. The majority of the time, if we could look at our track record of daily thoughts, we would find that we focus more on the thoughts that upset us the most.

When we focus for a long period of time on a negative thought, it begins to take shape in the aura and looks like a little gray cloud. We are “creators” and in essence, we are creating our own weather pattern around us in our auric field. We can be boiling with anger (volcanic eruptions), have a “low depression system” (bands of rain), or feel warm like the tropics (sunny disposition).

Since we create with every thought, if we have a negative thought that we focus on every day, we are giving part of our energy to that thought and so it begins to create a small gray mass. Once the thought has created into a form in the aura, it is able to hold and store that energy more efficiently. We are in effect telling our system that this thought is very important and that’s why we are giving it so much energy every day. The aura responds to our commands. What we give thought and attention to is what we are telling the fields to manifest! Did you know that you had this much power as a creator?

If we continue to think about this emotionally upsetting or negative thought, it will eventually move from the gray cloud shape and form into a stronger mass, which can hold even more energy. The mass will turn itself into a shape, which resembles the type of thought it receives on a continued basis. These shapes can be seen in the auric fields and are referred to as thought forms. Thought forms, given enough energy, can grow to become strong energetic creations and cause blocks to what you want to achieve in life.

The law of attraction is based upon the understanding that energy follows thought and focused thought manifests outwardly. For many people, their thoughts and emotions generate from the first three chakras: the seat of will in the solar plexus, the desire of the sacral chakra and the survival center of the root chakra. On a daily basis, the thoughts originating from the emotional and mental bodies are short lived, though the field records each thought. As we go about our day saying things like, “Oh, I like that” or Oh, I don’t like that”, each thought is recorded and stored in the mental and emotional fields. These fields are programmed to remember the emotion and thought surrounded by each statement.

Then, the next time you encounter that same experience, place or thing, the auric fields react. They begin to vibrate and recognize the stimuli and react accordingly to the thought that has been planted in the auric field and so they resonate with this energy, such as; “Oh, we like this” or “Oh, we don’t like that”, and they begin to release and secrete the corresponding energy into the auric fields and into the physical body.

As well, each thought we express outwardly to another, affects their auric fields. When we say something cruel to someone, they are hit by the intensity of the energy directed at them and it affects their emotional and mental auric fields, similar to the lashing winds of a storm. When we say something wonderful, they also receive this energy, but in our current period of evolution, we tend to express negative energy with a stronger energy outburst, than we do when expressing something positive to another person. The result is that the negative experiences carry ten times more weight and hit the person very hard in all of their auric fields.

Creating Beauty in the Aura
Creating Beauty in the Aura

Thankfully, a safety system was built into our fields in order to save us from ourselves in many ways. Most of us do not hold on to a thought for days at a time, our thoughts are scattered and move quickly from place to place. The power of focused thought to manifest is indeed a beautiful gift and it is also very powerful. As a teacher of the wisdom teachings, it is my intent to share with my students the full magnitude of this power.

Understanding the power of thought is very important as well as how our emotions can overtake our thoughts and cause us to take actions we would not normally take. The aura is a safety net, which helps us sort through our thoughts and emotions and release them before they cause long term effects on the mind, body and spirit.

If you want to manifest something, it takes time and repetition to build the thought form in order to manifest it into being. The time that it takes to build this form, gives you and your spirit guides the opportunity to consider what you are thinking about manifesting, in order to create something that is good for you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.



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  1. This was indeed perfect timing to read, Kala, thank you! You are constantly reminding me to keep my positive thinking in check!!

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