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Creating New Halloween Rituals

October through December is my favorite time of year. I love the “back to school” feeling which begins in September. I always teach a course or two during this time of year as the mental auric field is best attuned to receive and discern information in this season.

In the Fall, we have just reaped the benefits from the Summer Harvest and we are planting seeds with new hopes, wishes and dreams that we hope to see come to fruition soon. We are connected to the Earth and the cycles of the seasons have a strong pull on us energetically.

The Fall Equinox in September announces this change of the seasonal and elemental guards into Autumn and our journey takes us to the celebration of Halloween, a powerful doorway and connection between the earthly plane and the spirit world, which is the topic of our discussion this evening.

As Your Travel Guide to the Other Side, let’s begin with a look back into how what we know as Halloween was once celebrated in order to determine whether this ancient practice may be just what we need in this all too modern and chaotic life…

Seeing Behind the Veiled Mysteries of Halloween


In some ancient cultures, October 31st was considered to be the end of the year and November 1st, the beginning of the new year, instead of it being celebrated in its current form in January, which is in the middle of the dark and cold winter.

This logic was based on principles in nature, when seeds were planted in the Fall after the Harvest so they would be ready to bloom in the spring.

Whether or not you follow the old or the new customs of when the New Year comes for you, the fall energy is very potent and a good time to plant seeds of hope and wishes for the future. Take the time now to consider what your wishes for the New Year might be and consider this…

Instead of making a New Year’s
where you “Resolve” to do a singular goal,
perhaps begrudgingly,
Consider a New Years
where you state in a visionary idea,
what you wish for
and intend to make happen
in the coming year.


To give you an example of a visionary idea over a specific goal,  here are my two mantras for 2018

1. “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strong pull of what you really love, it will not lead you astray” – Rumi


2. The vision shared here in this stamp:

As you can see, your mantras don’t have to be focused on a very specific goal.

They can be about imagining a new life, a new way of thinking, a new way of being and not as single purpose goal oriented as we have been previously taught.

When we focus on only the goal without considering the big picture, we can lose sight of the lesson that each endeavor is about the journey, not just the destination. When we focus only on a single goal, we can grasp on to that one thought too tightly and with that kind of attempt to control the outcome we often miss the opportunities being presented to us for our highest and best along the way.

When we open to the big picture of the journey ahead, instead of seeing experiences as either win or lose, we begin to see that thoughts and prayers are answered in divine inspiration and in divine order.

Often at later times, we see that the journey we ended up taking, led us exactly to where we needed to be.

When we reach this conscious awakening, we understand that life is about achieving and succeeding in what we often refer to as win and at other times, receiving wisdom from lessons learned, where we can do better next time, which we mistakenly refer to as a loss.

Win or Lose is just a state of mind. The world’s greatest inventors, artists, entrepreneurs and innovators never defined themselves as having lost, but rather as one step further along on their journey to fulfilling their next achievement.

As I’ve said many times,
“What You Think, You Believe
and What You Believe, You Become”.

Now, at this special time of the year when what we call Halloween, lifts the veil between the earthly plane and the spiritual planes, in the fall season of planting seeds of hope, it is a magnificent opportunity to send your wishes out to the Universe in order for them to be heard and received.

Consider turning this holiday into a ritual where you let go of the past year and welcome the energy of the New Year.  On this Halloween Eve, imagine seeing yourself in the future, happy, fulfilled, at peace, prosperous, in joy and living a life of intention and of great purpose.

For when you can imagine the Big Picture Dreams of Your Life, the little things soon after fall into place.

Happy New Year, whenever you choose to celebrate it.

Wishing you a year full of good dreams
with all of your wishes come true
and if you’re ready, open your heart
into the moonlight and make a wish!

and of course, a VERY HAPPY HALLOWEEN and If you’re intrigued about the deeper mysteries of Halloween, check out my very special video course below…

Lesson Ten:

Working in Spirit Realm during Halloween
and in the Akashic Records

There are certain pockets of time each year where the portals to spirit world are more easily accessible to pass through, both for spirits to visit the earth plane and for those of us here on earth to visit the other planes. The three days around the holiday known as Halloween, (October 30, 31st and November 1st) are one of these times where the veil is easily lifted and pierced.

During this three-day period, many people choose to connect with their loved ones from the other side. One of the ways to reach out and connect with your loved ones in spirit is to host what is described as a “dumb supper”. The word dumb is referred to in its early origins, which means to be mute or quiet. Silence is observed during this dinner, in order to allow people to sit quietly and reflect and honor those who have gone on to the other side. It also allows for information to come through from spirit.

In the spiritual realms where the higher self resides, a record of every thought, action, word and deed is recorded for each soul. Referred to as the Akashic Records, these vibrational energy imprints remain attached to the soul through each lifetime. These imprints shape each soul’s destiny, karma and life purpose. The records explain “who you are” and “why you are here” in this lifetime.

During these portals of time, it is easier to access through the spirit veil and travel to visit your akashic records.  Time of video: 1:49

During this video course, Kala shares:

  • How to access the Akashic Records during this time, to take Advantage of the Lifting of the Veil into Spirit Realms
  • Inviting Loved Ones from the Other Side to a Special Dinner called a Dumb Supper
  • How to Reach a Specific Person when Attempting to Contact Spirits
  • Why some Messages are vague from Mediums
  • History of Pomona, the Goddess of Flowers and Apples
  • How to use a Crystal Grid to Store Your Data for Memory Recovery
  • Consciously Deposit information into Your Akashic Records
  • Using the Ankh and Cross Energy to open the Heart Chakra

and take this journey for only $49.


to Purchase this Wise Woman Video,
scroll down to Lesson Ten
on this Page of Courses








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