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inviting fairies into your home
inviting fairies into your home

During the two sacred portal openings that occur each day (sunrise and sunset), there arises the heightened opportunity to connect with magical beings between the earth plane and the spiritual planes. 

As advanced practitioners are aware, along with these daily portal openings, magical connections can be strengthened during particular days of the week, which have mystical properties attached to them. This energy can be further refined if it is connected to specific dates of the month according to their numerological patterns.  In addition, the seasons and their proximity to an equinox or solstice contain a supernatural magnetic effect as does the phase of the moon and the alignments of the planets.  One of the rarest of these times, is during a Black Moon, an event that occurs every two and a half to three years, when a second New Moon falls in the same month.  A Black Moon is associated with opening the connection between the planes providing an opportunity to connect with elementals and other beings from the spirit planes.  It is said that during a Black Moon, that if you write down your wish on paper after lighting a black and a silver candle and then read it aloud, that your wish is carried through all of the spiritual planes and the chances of that wish coming true is much higher.

To connect with magical beings through the universal connection of “as above, so below”, we can choose to consciously interact with the elementals (gnomes, fairies, mermaids and salamanders) here on the earth plane to further our connection in both the earth world and the spiritual worlds. By doing so, we tap into that magic of the old ways, which has been waiting for us to remember its name and to call it back into action in our daily lives. 

Working with Magical Beings

As with working with any type of magical being, its important to show great respect and to educate oneself first in order to know how to approach and how to communicate with the elementals.  Just as we wouldn’t march up to a stranger and demand that they do our bidding or tell us everything they know, the elementals also have protocols regarding communication and social mores.

Statues of fairies with solar lights attached send a welcome invitation during both sunrise and sunset
Statues of fairies with solar lights send a welcome invitation during sunrise and sunset

Many people begin by communicating with the fae folk (fairies).  The best way to initiate contact, is to extend a polite invitation to your home garden. The invitation begins with planting flowers or a small garden, which is created with the thought energy and intention that fairies are invited to enter this garden and to enjoy it at their leisure. Flowers are planted, seedlings that also attract butterflies are especially appreciated.  A fairy home, made from stone or wood is also welcome, as is a source of flowing water like a fountain.  Once you’ve designed the garden, add a statue of a fairy in the center and around the perimeter as a sign that fairies gather here.  Then each month under the full moon, set out a small bit of cake, while announcing that this offering is for the fae folk who are interested.

If your intention is pure, your flowers bloom, and the cake is tasty, it won’t be long before you find fairies entering the garden. Once you begin your communication with the fairies in the garden, which is best done during sunrise and sunset each day, you may find that there is a particular fairy that has attached itself to your home and has decided to linger. If you find this to be a pleasing arrangement, then you may decide to offer your home for the fairy to enter at will. Be sure though before you extend this invitation into your home that you are ready to work with the fairies, as they can be temperamental in nature and do not suffer fools lightly.

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  1. This is interesting about the Black Moon, never heard of it and the Fairies. The Butterflies, I love
    to plant flowers that attract the Butterflies. One in particular is the Cosmos. They love this

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