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auraevoheaderHave you ever had a feeling about someone that you couldn’t explain, but the feeling was so strong that it affected how you felt about that person? When at a loss to explain how we feel, we might describe this person as dark and foreboding or the opposite, such as having a sunny disposition or being a ray of sunshine in our lives.  For thousands of years, artists in ancient Egypt and later in Rome and other parts of Europe attempted to paint the energy they felt around a person, such as a halo around an enlightened being and dark shadowing around someone who is consumed with sadness and guilt.  What these artists depict and others describe, is what I have seen around people my entire life. Since my earliest memories of childhood, I have seen colors and rays of light around people. I came back this lifetime with memories of my past lives where I was a wisdom teacher, sharing what is known as the esoteric mystery teachings.  I’ve lived and taught these teachings in ancient Egypt, Greece, India and Celtic times along with many other places and I continue to teach them again in this lifetime.

As a wisdom teacher, teaching how to see the aura in its many expressions around the energy bodies is one of the most valuable exercises I can share as it can lead to self-actualization in the body, mind and spirit fields.  When we have conscious awareness of who we are as spirit beings, it opens doors to new levels of existence on the earth plane and the higher realms.  Not only are we able to understand ourselves on a deeper level and develop further into super-natural beings of light, we are also able to understand our fellow men, women and children on a profound connective soul level.

book-Awakened-Aura-285pxI’ve spent this lifetime dedicated to pulling all the knowledge and wisdom from all of my previous lifetimes into my conscious fields so that I could access them freely and share them with others who wished to study the ancient mystery teachings.  I came back this time with psychic abilities including: seeing the aura, being intuitive, seeing ghosts and beings from other planes, the ability to astral travel, having prophetic and teaching dreams, connecting and working with spirit guides and the elders, possessing empathic and psychometric abilities and most importantly, a heart chakra field that is wide open to compassion and love for humanity.

Over the years, I’ve studied the metaphysical sciences in this lifetime and in others including astrology, tarot, traditional feng shui, magic, and with master teachers who share the ancient esoteric teachings from various orders around the world.  Along with my esoteric inner work, I’ve dedicated my life to teaching these skills to others with my school of the mysteries, the Temple of Stella Maris and lecturing and holding workshops around the U.S. In my exoteric outer work, I share as an author writing books and as a national columnist, and in creating The Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, where I’ve conducted hundreds of interviews speaking with world-renowned authors, artists, teachers and researchers in the metaphysical, spiritual, paranormal and scientific realms. I’ve discussed our ancient past, worked to reveal the lost history and shared what is to come for our future.  Most importantly, I’ve worked to maintain and hold the vision that… “Spirit does not exist in just one location; rather it is all encompassing, living within and amongst us in each moment, thought and action. I believe that Spirit is raised to its highest level, when individuals gather with wisdom, compassion and a discerning desire to provide service to humanity.”  I believe that through sharing and teaching the gifts that each of us have received through this lifetime and others, great healing and awareness will come to this planet which will lead to the evolution of humanity as super-powered beings.

I believe that one of the most important factors for this evolution to accelerate is the ability to see and sense the auric fields.  When you can see the aura and the energy bodies surrounding the aura, you can see how a person is truly feeling, regardless of what they are saying vocally. You can see their state of mind, their state of health and their state of being. The various fields also show karmic ties they bring with them, guides who are surrounding them and the destined path on which they are heading.  The aura fields are like open books describing who we are on all levels.  As open books, we do not have to shield who we are, for it is on display for all the world to see. This provides a great freedom to be ourselves and live in the moment, with the conscious awareness that who we are is a constant process of change and evolution. The end result is more incredulous and exciting than many of us have ever imagined.

bannerHQ130303Can You Feel The Love

Many people say to me that they are not able to see auras or wonder if they truly exist. Seeing the first layer of the aura is relatively easy to accomplish. In the workshops I teach, typically 90% of the people I work with are able to see the first layer of the aura by the first or second exercise. While it is fairly easy to see the outline of an aura, (the etheric body is first viewed as a white border around the body) understanding what the colors inside the auric fields represent can be more challenging.

Are you wondering if you are sensitive to energy fields? Consider these situations in which you were aware of energy that you could not see with your physical eyes:

  • Have you ever walked into a room and felt the mood of the room coming from the people inside, without knowing what the conversation is about?
  • Have you ever walked into a building and felt uncomfortable with no apparent reason as to why you are feeling this way, but wanted to get out as soon as possible?
  • Have you ever met someone for the first time and immediately felt uncomfortable and preferred not to be around them or on the opposite end of the spectrum, warmed up to someone immediately and found yourself wanting to spend as much time as possible in their company?
  • Have you ever played the game where you are blindfolded and you rely on sensing energy to see where someone else is located in the room and how close you can get to them?
  • If you have ever taken a tai chi or other type of martial arts class, one of the first exercises you learn is to sense your personal chi/energy field. Students are taught how to feel the energy radiating off the body and how to harness the energy between their hands, forming it into a ball. They are also taught deep breathing exercises in order to raise the energy field and expand it. These lessons connect directly into the auric field and are a great way to connect with your personal energy.
  • If you haven’t explored any of these options before, another example of sensing something in your auric field, is when you are deep in thought and not paying attention to your surroundings and suddenly, you “feel” that someone is staring at you and you turn to look. The person staring at you is causing a ripple effect that is being felt from their energy being directed at you and your energy field through the aura responding to this energy wave. The auric body reacts to the energy ripple and sends a message to your conscious mind to pay attention. It is being protective in this response, so that the mind can take the next step to discern whether the person is friend or foe and how to react accordingly.

In these situations and many others, you have felt the energetic auric field around a person. There are hundreds of examples regarding the auric fields and their energy and one of the most profound stories come from the sleeping psychic, Edgar Cayce.

eclogoheaderDuring the last year of his life, Edgar Cayce began work with his friend Thomas Sugrue to write a book about his work with auras. This book was intended to reveal a full discourse on auras and colors, including Cayce’s notes on how he learned via observation with his clients, the meanings of specific colors and shapes in the aura. Unfortunately, his health took a turn for the worse and he died early that year in 1945. Due to Cayce’s untimely demise, the compilation of his work and study of the auras was complied into a twenty-page pamphlet entitled Auras: An Essay on the Meaning of Colors.  To this day, Auras is a popular reference guide containing helpful information including how the colors in the aura are connected with the planets and musical notes.

As a psychic who saw auras, Edgar shared his most traumatic experience in regards to seeing auric fields. One day Edgar was in a high-rise office building, up on a high floor and pushed the button for the elevator in order to return to the first floor. When the elevator opened in front of him, he was completely caught off guard, as he could not see the aura of any person on the elevator. This surprised him, as he was used to seeing the auric field around people wherever he went. Puzzled by what he saw, he continued to stare in surprise and did not enter into the elevator. The elevator doors closed and the cable of the elevator snapped, plummeting all of the people on the elevator to their death.

The auric field was absent around the people on the elevator as it was preparing the physical body for death. Rather than its normal state of extending outward, the aura begins to pull inward into the body to gather the essence and soul of the person as the death process nears. This act assists the consciousness in the shift from the physical plane of existence of the body  into the higher realms of the spirit.

Seeing Auras – From A Psychic’s Viewpoint

From my experiences in reading auras, I’ve found that the auric body typically maintains a basic form, which resembles an egg like oval shape around the body. Emanating from this body is a beautiful white light along with a wide variety of colors, shapes and at times, swirls and patterns. While it is fairly easy to learn to see an aura, understanding what the colors and images surrounding the aura represent, requires intuition, practice and an understanding of the spiritual planes and fields around the body.

auraprint-201x300Each individual creates a distinctive pattern in their auric field comprised of the individual’s thoughts, emotions, energetic manifestations and thought forms. The aura has an electromagnetic frequency, which is sensed by others and radiates at different levels. When people resonate at a similar auric frequency level, they naturally feel more comfortable around each other and find it easier to connect on the physical, emotional and mental levels. On the flip side, people whose auric vibrations differ greatly in frequency, tend to experience more conflict with each other and find it more difficult to communicate. In some ways, because they are coming from such different energetic standpoints, it’s almost as if they are speaking two different languages. In short, birds of a feather flock together and while opposites attract, the opposing energy fields can create conflict and difficulty with communication.

As human beings, we are essentially made of light and energy. As we come into contact with another person, our auras engage and intermingle with each other. This can lead to many positive experiences, which stimulate and enhance the aura. It can also generate negative experiences, which can draw too much energy away from the auric field and leave the person feeling depleted. With a greater understanding of how the aura functions, it’s easier to recharge the aura to keep it running at an optimum level.

There are seven main layers to the aura, which are also referred to as bodies or fields. There are many people who can see the auric fields. For some intuitives, they see them with their physical eye. Others see the fields through their third eye and some only sense the auric fields. A small number of people are able to see all seven auric fields, while the majority of people see one or two fields only. Some psychics are more attuned to see physical dis-ease before it enters the physical body, while others see the energy in motion around the person, which reflects their general wellbeing.

They may also see emotional distress in the auric field, or glimpses of the akashic records being worked through in this lifetime. The akashic records are an ancient Sanskrit term, which refer to a database of records, a library of sorts, which records all actions in the universe. While each person is here on the earth plane in a physical body, part of their essence and soul remains in the higher planes. A meta-physical energetic cord connects from the higher planes down to the earth plane and attaches to the soul of each person as it resides inside the physical body. These cords move energy back and forth from the physical plane to the higher planes. Also contained in these fields of energy are the records of each thought, word, action and deed that we generate while in the physical body. These records are transported back to the akashic library where they are stored and when we pass on from the earth plane and return to the spiritual realms, we visit the hall of akashic records to review our lifetime. From this review, we can see if we generated more karma and what we created from our action.

In my work as a wisdom teacher, I teach students how to see and read auras. We discuss the types of auras, their condition and how to heal an aura that has become damaged due to shock, stress or other harmful situations. In this line of work, I continue to experience new revelations when giving aura readings for people.


What has been most astounding and exciting in my work is that in the past ten years, I’ve seen new structures forming around the auras, which I have never seen before in the auric fields.

My theory on this new design in the auric field is that we are in a quickening. We are evolving on an energetic level and our auric bodies are being recreated right before our very eyes. What I see happening in many fields now is that the energy bodies around us are being reconstructed and are opening up to allow more light and energy to flow through our bodies now, more than ever before. In addition, the grid around the auric body is expanding and the structures are more crystalline in appearance. From my research, there has been only one other time in history where there were references to the energy around the human body changing and this was in the time of ancient Egypt when the high priestesses prepared to communicate with their gods and goddesses. As we draw near to the astrological age of Aquarius, which is symbolized by the water bearer in the heavens, pouring the wisdom of the gods back down to earth, I am struck by the correlation in what I see manifesting in our auric bodies. I believe the energy fields around our body are being prepared to receive higher and stronger vibrations of energy. The effects will allow for more energy to come into our physical bodies, allowing us to live longer and with greater vitality. It will also allow for greater mental capacity as well as increasing psychic ability.

Author Kala Ambrose in New Orleans
Author Kala Ambrose in New Orleans

Come join me, Kala Ambrose,
as I share how to see and work with your
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Your Energy Body: The Awakened Aura and Your Spiritual Evolution
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