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ask-kalaIn this column ASK KALA intuitive wisdom teacher Kala Ambrose invites you to email your probing metaphysical, spiritual, esoteric and paranormal questions. Due to the volume of email she receives, she won’t be able to answer back individual e-mails. Instead, she’ll choose interesting questions and answer them here.

Kelley writes – “Hello Kala, I have a digital alarm clock that I used to have to reset every 5 days or so because it gained time. I’ve had this clock a few years and its always been this way. My mother’s room was adjacent to mine. She recently died and since then I haven’t had to reset my clock!! Could she have affected the clock’s mechanism? It sounds weird but a few years ago she went to see a psychic who I had seen as well as other members of my family. He knew the names of deceased relatives, etc. There was no problem reading me or other members of my family. And no, we didn’t volunteer information as we were somewhat skeptical and didn’t want to give him any clues he could work from. Anyway, my mother went to see him and he was stumped. He tried and tried but he couldn’t read her. Are there people who can affect clocks, etc without knowing it? Thank you”.

Hi Kelley,

Thanks for writing with a most intriguing question. You ask – “Are there people who can affect clocks, etc without knowing it”?

The short answer is Yes and it has been studied, researched and discussed by people in both the spiritual and scientific realms.

The Aura Body and Energy

As an intuitive, I’ve seen auras since childhood. Over the years, I began to study what I saw in the aura, observing the energetic patterns and shapes as well as short energy bursts that I would see erupting from the body, similar to what occurs when the sun emits a solar flare. These energetic bursts are capable of disrupting electronics and are felt by other people who have intuitive ability and are sensitive to energy. Some people are aware of the energy they can build and for others it is a complete surprise when it occurs.

In some cases, it is not a burst of energy that is created, but rather energy residue that has built up and is trapped within the aura and energy bodies and is not able to be released properly. To imagine what this looks like in the field surrounding the body, visualize a thunder storm right before the rain is released from the clouds. The clouds are heavy and full, the energy gathers and the air feels pregnant, ready for a release. If the conditions are not right and the rain is not able to gently fall, tumultuous weather patterns can occur with lightning and high winds. Energy blocked in the fields can cause similar disruptions as it seeks to be released. When there is a blockage which stops the release of energy, it builds like a thunderstorm and can create havoc.

There are also people who have learned consciously with their spiritual practice, and sometimes subconsciously carrying over information from previous lifetimes, to balance and harness this energy. They are able to take this energy to creative positive effects in the world including healing abilities in many forms, such as physical healing, soul healing, working with nature and raising the energy vibration of people and places wherever they are.

What About the Clocks

Each of the three energy types listed above can have an effect on the electronics near their energy field. I receive reports each year from people who have experiences including turning street lights on and off as they pass by them. Others affect the performance of radios, clocks, computers and televisions or cause lights, security alarms and other electronics in their home to turn off and on repeatedly. For many years, I was not able to wear a watch, as invariably, when I did, the watch would malfunction or stop completely. I’ve also had a similar effect on clocks, including the clock that I kept in the library where I taught the esoteric teachings for years. The clock would never keep the time and would randomly change the time often and then stop working completely. The clock was looked at to see if it was in need of repair and it was found to be in good working order. The batteries would be replaced with new batteries only to run down again quickly.

There are a variety of physical, emotional and spiritual reasons for why this happens. For some people, it occurs only when their emotions are running very high and for others it was a random event occurring only when they were going through puberty. Some of these people are tapping into what is described in parapsychology as psychokinesis/telekinesis (PK/TK). While there are skeptics who will say that the human body is not capable of affecting these fields, those who have experienced doing so first hand see the results.

Scientific Study

There has been some scientific parapsychological research on this effect, including what is referred to as the Pauli effect. Further research needs to be continued on psychokinesis, expanded consciousness and expanded energy fields so that it can be further understood. Unfortunately, there has not been enough support with funding for many institutes to continue these studies at the level needed to provide the deeper research needed. Some of the most notable researchers in this field of study include J.B. Rhine (Rhine Research Center), Professor Bill Roll (University of West Georgia), Dean Radin (Institute of Noetic Sciences) and Robert Jahn and Roger Nelson (PEAR laboratory at Princeton).

A form of psychokinesis/telekinesis was recently featured in the film with George Clooney entitled The Men Who Stare at Goats, which focused on the US Army’s research into psi abilities. Another example would be the fictional book and film by Stephen King entitled Carrie, which displayed an extreme and negative show of psi ability with PK/TK force.


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Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". Award winning Author, Intuitive, Wisdom Teacher, Podcaster and Lifestyle Expert, she helps Entrepreneurs, Seekers and Visionaries live their best life.

She is the award winning author of six books including The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura, and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and destiny and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

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76 responses to “Can human energy fields affect electronics?

    1. street lights are controlled by a light sensor in a remote distance. if it happened during 5 – 7 pm or in the winter when there’s snow covering the sensors it would not count…

      and sometimes light bulbs stop working because they just worn out

      i don’t doubt the other things as i have experienced that old televisions tend to short circuit when i am around

      i just needed to clarify that the streetlights could not possibly be influenced by you unless you somehow put electricity in the power-lines to the lights

      (the sensor shuts off the power when inactive)

      this notice was written by friendly hands

    2. i’m a little worry about myself because I can’t have n smartphone. after a one hour in my hand start reseting and working defective. I buy n Samsung s3, s4, s5, s6 and note 4. it can’t be right that every time happen the same.

    3. HI! My name is Jude. All of my life since I can remember… while walking down streets the street lights would come on, not all of the time but enough for me to question why now. I always thought that they were on a motion detector and my passing turned them on. I cant wear any watches they break within a few days regardless of how expensive they are.

      This is what I’m puzzled about. A few weeks ago my husband came up to me and hugged me, we kissed, I closed my eyes and all I could see was a huge field of beautiful sun flowers. Just a few days ago we watched the movie Oz the great and powerful and Oh my about 30 minutes into the movie there was the sunflower field I had seen while kissing my husband. this movie we had never seen nor did we see any advertisements for it.

      about 15 years ago a few things were hartbreaking to me happened. A woman made my life miserable and was trying to ruin me. I made a horrible mistake and thought in my mind.. you need to die. 1 week later this 30 yr old woman dies. This has happened a few times with people with me wishing they would get sick or die. Now I do art and put my mind into that because it relaxes me and I try to stay away from people. What are your thoughts?

  1. Ive had many similar events most involving tv sets. I could feel a release and the tv would resound as if an impact accrued. Window glass in my room would make a snap sound and affect the performance of my pc. more recently i would get frustrated when my friends would forget to press the player button to switch players then all of a sudden the electronic dart board would change on its own at the end of a players turn.
    revolve in light and thrive

  2. I have had problems when I feel drained of energy with these disruptions in electronic devices. Since I was a young child I have walked into rooms and had the light bulbs “pop” and go out. My boyfriend used to joke that he was going to buy stock in light bulbs. Then, those eco-friendly fluorescent bulbs came out and they are tougher to kill. (Thankfully) I also have a problem with those electric sliding doors not opening for me. They were not too common when I was young, but my first job was at a grocery store that had them. People I worked with started to notice. I began the process of learning to follow people through doors. These things only happen when I feel an energy drain. I have noticed lately when I feel this way it also affects my wireless connection. That is how I came across this site. I am feeling drained lately. I do not know how to restore it fast enough.

    1. Michelle, I write in my book The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body how to recharge your aura and regain your energy. From your description of how you effect electronics, it sounds like you are opening your psychic abilities and it’s important to recharge your energy centers so that you remain balanced and full of energy. I think the book would be of help as its full of exercises to do in order to achieve this process. Also, I find that those eco-friendly bulbs actually drain people’s auras, I’ve seen it in corporate environments and I don’t recommend them. You might try LED or the old school bulbs and see if you notice a difference with your energy. All the best, *~Kala~*

      1. Hi Kala,
        I just tried to purchase your book, The Awakened Aura, in the Canadian iBooks store. Unfortunately, I could only find it in French. Is there a way for me to buy your book on iBooks in English? I Desperately need to try all of the exercises designed to recharge my aura and restore my energy. I would be most appreciative if you could help in any way!

  3. My buddy has always had a problem with electronics…(and yes it’s actually my buddy not me)…He’s gone through 4 Playstation 3’s, 4 Blackberry’s and 2 LCD tv’s just to name a few, the 4th Blackberry was just purchased at the begining of April 2011, and is already having problems.
    His girlfriend thinks he has the worst luck, I personally think he gives off some kind of energy that ruin’s electronics.
    Am I crazy for considering this option???

    1. Hi I’m Kitty! wow I’ve only just embraced my effects with technology. I noticed this problem 20 years ago, and it was my boyfriend that picked up on it. I was soon banned from fluffing with his laptop, our Tv, slot machines,stereo, ordering stuff on line, and his phone😂 (I’ve ploughed through 8 in 9 years, my current ph is less than 5 months old and giving in to my energy🤧). I used to be concerned but unless I sort a Reiki session or 10! Then I’m gonna be a ‘tech pest ‘. I’m okay with this, nothing surprises me if things play up, it’s trying to explain this true thing to friends when shit happens though. I can equally take away peoples pain and I once saved a dying Lady. We had nothing to lose so with her permission I placed my hands on the front and back of her lungs. Leanne beat her infection and charged on for 2 more years b4 she passed. I dig being annoying and useful at any time. ❤️❤️

  4. Hi Michelle, thanks for writing. I find that those fluorescent light bulbs actually drain my energy, you might try an experiment to see how you feel with the old bulbs versus the fluorescent bulbs. There have been experiments in schools that show children do better when not under fluorescent lighting and would recommend that all people avoid them if possible as it affects their aura and energy fields. All the best, *~Kala~*

  5. Thanks for writing and sharing your experiences Timothy, we are all capable of many more things than we currently realize. I talk about this energy that we can connect with and bring through us in my book, 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled. Wishing you all the best, *~Kala~*

  6. Hi Adriano, Many people have experienced similar things like your friend, as their energy surges and then flows outward in a chaotic manner. When they learn to harness this energy, they are capable of directing the energy in very positive and powerful manners. I discuss this in my book 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled. PS: Also advise your friend not to buy any electronics during a Mercury Retrograde, which was occurring in early April of this year. Electronics bought during Mercury Retrogrades often have many problems as well. Wishing you both the best, *~Kala~*

    1. I have a similar problem as Adriano described. I’ve been at my job for 2 years. Since there, my monitor shorted out. The firm replaced it. The telephone on my desk went haywire. It seemed to develop a short because when I picked it up, I couldn’t hear anything. It stressed me out to no end. I’d tap the display and the sound would click on. It got to where I was pounding on the phone to get it to click so I could hear. It was very unprofessional as others on the phone could hear the pounding. I switched phones with another unused phone in the office. It did the same thing. We switched the wires and it didn’t help. I finally took a phone from an office where my happy co-worker worked before relocating to another State. The more these things happen, the more stressed and anxious I get. I have continually have computer issues, the most recent being where it continually crashed throughout the day or just froze. The firm thought I downloaded a virus into the computer that got behind the virus software but I never went to any sites except where I needed to go to perform my job. Now they have to replace my computer and pay the computer man to program it all into the network which again costs the small firm lots of money. My printer goes crazy from time to time where the drum or toner “need to be replaced” and when I replace them, it won’t work at all. The light keeps blinking and it malfunctions.

      I got called in today over all of this as they are tired of replacing MY electronics and said it is SUSPICIOUS that out of all the people in the office, I am the only one who had all the issues. The same thing happened in my other office. The copier and computer would go crazy when I touched them. The copier would always jam for me and I had computer issues as well. The office manager there teased me about having “negative energy”. Now I’m wondering if she is right. If what you are saying is true and it is me causing these electronics malfunctions, how can I dispel this negative energy? My boss said if one more thing breaks that either I am paying for it or I am terminated. Please help. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  7. I found out that I have a gift for energy healing this past year.. Since then I’ve had a number of watches that are not keeping time or stop randomly and then start.. Perhaps I am affecting them when I do energy work… I do energy work on myself every morning on the way to work for healing. Do you think this is why I’m having so much trouble with my watches? I was going to send them in to be repaired.. but I’m beginning to think it’s the energy… because i’m having trouble with a few of them… interesting..

  8. Also interesting. I bought one of the watches (the more expensive one in early April…) Would it do any good to send it in? I have to pay $28 to send it overseas to Europe to see what’s wrong with it.. Interstingly enough though, it has been keeping time well the past few weeks.. perhaps because we are in retrograde again??

  9. Hi Kala,

    What could this mean? A friend has told me, that sometimes when he walks past a lamppost, the light goes out. It’s been on going for a long time. But he doesn’t know what it means, what it could be.

    Be great to have some answers on what you think it could be and how to embrace his gift.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello, i have recently discovered this myself. It is the reason why i came across this website. I was worried at first, but i am glad i have found someone like me!!

  10. Hi Emel, Thanks for writing. I share more information about the energy fields in this follow up post on the blog here:

    When we have an effect on electronics like this, it shows we have a very strong energy field. You can learn to work with it and harness the energy to use as a force for good. I cover how to do this in my new book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body by Llewellyn Publishing. I also discuss how we are evolving and becoming even more powerful beings of light and how connecting with the aura and energy bodies can help us work with this power-filled energy. All the best, *~Kala~*

  11. For several years now I’ve noticed street lights go out when I drive by them. This year my electronic/wired smoke detectors have begun to go off briefly at random, usually when I am upset or experiencing high emotion. Computers in stores, banks, etc., often freeze up or stop working when it’s my turn in line. It’s happened so often that instead of being frustrated, I chuckle to myself. The other day I told the store clerk that I would browse the store while she tried to ring up the sale, knowing if I moved away, it would work again. For some reason, the computers I use are always fine.

    1. Hi Michelle2, It sounds like you definitely have some strong energy! In my book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body I offer practical information and exercises on how to develop and harness this energy to be used as its fullest potential. With your abilities, you may like to try some of these exercises out, as with energy like this, it can be directed for healing and many other purposes. Let me know how you progress and thanks for writing! *~Kala~*

      1. Hi Kala, Much like Michelle I have had problems with electricity but its happened my whole life. In the past week I managed to kill a fridge, a laptop & a food processor. This is an every week event. Light bulbs – forget about it! My family will not even let me unplug or touch their electronics to move them. I read a thread awhile back about SLE or sliders but it didn’t have a conclusion. It was just a million people complaining of the same thing. My question to you is can you wear a certain stone or metal or magnet that helps you stay grounded? The replacement of things is getting expensive! Thanks. =)

        1. Hi Laura, It’s important to ground your auric energy field, so that it won’t have an effect on electronics. This works better than wearing a stone. Try some of the exercises in my book The Awakened Aura to ground (different types depending upon whether you are an earth, air, fire or water energy)and also to learn how to harness and direct the energy flow.

          The fact that you can have this effect on electronics, shows how much energy you have in you and when you understand how to harness it and direct it, you can use it for great good in a variety of ways including, healing, manifestation, energy work and directing your thoughts into positive directions.

  12. My 5 yr old daughter passed away this past June. Over the past two months our TV, fridge, freezer, two clocks DVD player, computer, and both of our watches have all just stopped working! Oh! and our therostat constantly resets itself to 50, so we have to always go check it and turn it back up. They other night while I was praying (begging) for comfort, the sound machine next to my bed turned onto ocean waves by itself. I am looking for more information about all of this. Is it possible it is all connected? My daughter was declining over a long period of time, not to sound crazy, but you could feel “angels” in our home. Anyway any recommendations of anyone I could further talk to about all of this?

  13. I have had dreams where I feel like I am attached to an alternate universe and when I think about that electronics around me glitch out for some reason.

    Like once I was typing on a blog (two different topics) I was asked to type the third letter of the word *SPAM* which is A.

    I typed A once and the comment went thru. I typed A a second time and the comment would not go thru and I’d get the message to tell me to type the third letter again.
    So I tried it with a lower case a but still I could not get thru and I have never had that problem before with this blog that I check every few weeks.

    One of many strange experiences I’ve had.

  14. I have no one I can talk to because they do not go thru what I go thru so I am forced to deal with these surprise bursts all alone.

    1. Hi Kyle, it sounds like you are opening up to psychic ability and experiencing some of the anonolies that occur when we are first learning how to open up to these senses. How are you doing now, have you settled in to your new abilities? All the best, *~Kala~*

  15. I am one of the ppl who can notbwear watches… A few times streetlights have suddenly gone off or flashed….store alarms have gone off upon entering a store and last week, my furnace and coffee maker crashed. I am very intuitive and believe i am clairaudient. I have thousands of stories and what i hear has always been 100% accurate. I am fine with phones, no problem, but this has been a lifelong thing…i joined a FB group called SLIders to meet others like me and we are in the midst of creating a survey…maybe you would be interested in the ties that bind this group, as it is somwhat strang and yet fascinating…

    1. Hi Joanne, thanks for writing. I teach people how to open, connect and balance their psi abilities. I do this in person around the country and also via Skype to groups. If your group would be interested in a Skype presentation sometime, let me know and we’ll make the arrangements. You can open to these abilities without having to endure constant electronic problems. 🙂 All the best, *~Kala~*

  16. I came across your pages when searching for answers in desperation after involuntarily ‘trashing’ three laptops in a row…and causing my mothers laptop to crash and ‘misbehave’ when i touched it, and even those belonging to friends when i touched their laptops.

    Just recently i purchased a smart phone that is touch screen, and now that is seizing up, the screen crashes all the time as does the screen on my laptops. applications open multiple pages, freeze up, the computer s sometimes wont shut down. it reminds me that i gave up wearing watches years ago, as no matter how many times i reset them, they lost time.

    having read about some other cases on the internet i now recall that i was notorious in the various offices i worked in as a young girl for making the photocopiers stop altogether or jam up. the same with printers. i have run virus checks on all my laptops and it comes up clean….
    its getting very frustrating….
    i notice the more stressed or emotional i am that day the worse it gets. this evening my boyfriend went onto my computer and after i had restarted it it worked okay for him, but as soon as i went on it, it crashed again….
    what on earth is going on? thanks, katy

    1. Hi Katy, you are opening up your psychic channels and as the energy pours through, it is not yet balanced and other control. If you ever watched the TV show Charmed, think back to the very first season, when Pru was opening up to her abilities. She could only make things move when she was emotionally upset and in the scene with Phoebe, she made all the cold medicines fall of the shelves in the pharmacy when she was upset. 🙂 When we first open to the psi abilities, they are mostly connected to our emotional state and strongest when we are in a highly charged emotional place. You can learn to harness and be in control of these abilities. I wrote my book The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body for just this reason, as many people are discovering that they they have psychic abilities and aren’t sure how to handle them yet. The book provides step by step instructions on how to balance this energy. A nice side effect is that you’ll stop having this effect on all of your electronics. 🙂 All the best, *~Kala~*

  17. ps: bizarrely, similar things have happened to my dad with electronics and i remember asking him why he didnt wear a watches and he replied ‘i stop them’…could it run in families?

  18. What I want to knwo is why is it so hard for anybody to talk about spiritual topics especially on the internet?

    I’ve tried and have always failed and sometimes got into trouble for being too *weird* as I have had THIS exact phenomona where if my emtions are running high I will effect electronics but if I don’t have any emotions at all I will be an automotran and I don’t want that either so what do I do?

    Any good books at our small town library to looko up?

    My parents are not really intrested in this phenomona so it’s all up to me to solve this.

    1. Hi Kyle, this is why I created Explore Your Spirit here, where you can listen to over 350 shows for FRee in the EYS archives filled with people talking about metaphysical and paranormal topics. Millions of people are open to these types of discussions. You can also take my course on Daily Om for as little as $1 for the 8 week course online which includes a lesson each week and a video from me.

      There’s also Kala’s Bohemian Blog, which you’ve found and I teach around the U.S. Check your local library to see if you can find my book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body or if they will order it for you. It’s from a major publisher, Llewellyn and available in all bookstores, online and in most libraries. This book will help you understand what is opening up to you on a psychic level so you can balance and understand your gifts. All the best, *~Kala~*

  19. My main question is if God is loving why does he allow this S–t to happen to us making it very difficult to function in our increasingly electronic world?

    Is God out of touch with our reality and be surprised at how much we depend upon computer circuits?

    1. Kyle, the only constant in life is change and we are here on earth to learn, adapt, evolve and grow. We can see things as challenges or as opportunities to develop ourselves further. You’re learning a new skill, just like riding a bike and it’s wobbly at first, but over time and practice and with some help, it gets easier every day. You might want to try meditation as well to help calm and center you. Right now I’m offering a free guided meditation on when you sign up for the free newsletter on the website. It’s a free mp3 download that you might enjoy, where you relax on the beach in Hawaii and meet your spirit guide. All the best, *~Kala~*

  20. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I to find this matter to be actually one thing that I feel I’d by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward to your next publish, I will attempt to get the dangle of it!

  21. I can stop watches, satellite t.v., compuetrs, lights, etc, and loved what you said that others can too. My ciousin says we are related to the star people. Would liek to hear from you. cara

    1. Many people who have this ability are old souls, who come from a variety of places in the universe. Several indigenous cultures have described this as us being star people, coming from Sirius and other areas.

  22. I watched one step beyond on genetic memories passed down from our ancestors, way cool! It is good to know of others like me on your site that you tell of.

  23. I have to tell you what led me here today – I put two and two together last night. My husband was very aggravated over a personal issue and radiating the most negative energy. I’m an Empath and I take an emotional beating from his negativity, it’s his normal response to everything. Anyways, he is very controlling and I can always sense that he has a problem if I’m on my laptop. I’m a writer, so this is my tool, it’s not fun and games! He cannot stand my attention diverted from him, I think that’s why he has issues with the computer. Anyway, last night I hadn’t worked for five days on my writing in order to accomodate him on his days off – it’s just too draining to feel so much negative energy. Last night, he walked by, and I could feel the negativity, then I caught a fast glimpse of his expression – he was looking up at the ceiling in froze eye roll look of disgust. I don’t know if he wanted me to see that or not but I did. Would you believe minutes later my laptop went completely haywire? Everything I tried to do froze up, the mouse jumped all over, and I could barely shut it down, it took forever! I felt very dejected, I really wanted to work last night, and then to be trapped in a house with high voltage negativity as my only company you might as well say I was alone. Then an event occurred that cured his foul mood later in the evening, a personal problem was resolved and he did a Jeckel and Hyde transformation from bubbling rage below the surface to everything is peaches and cream! Guess what? I tried my laptop again and it ran as smoothly as it always did without one sign of any of the problems it gave me earlier. I got to thinking about it later on and began to wonder to myself is his intense negative energy and foul mood directed at my laptop caused it to malfunction? I don’t think that’s too crazy to assume, so I got online today and ended up here! What do you think? I’ve noticed this in the past with other sorts of machines now that I’ve started to think about it.

    1. We are all energy beings and as I write about in my Awakened Aura book, our auras reach out when we are emotional and can effect electronics, lights and other things. A himalayan salt lamp can help emit negative ions that create a more positive atmosphere around the area where your computer is, which can help balance the energy there and make it more peaceful.

  24. Im contacting you, in regard of my type of techniques.
    I can tell my mother about them but i feel as if she can’t completely relate to things that i can do or talk about to her. She says she’s had the types energy developement that i have when she was younger but they soon faded once she reached the age 18 or 19.
    Ive always known from the minute i could remember as a child that i was different from others. Ive always felt that i was a “daughter” of some type of being a goddess of some sort. I have dreams of the future but rarely remember them and then later on in time i’ll remember it as a deja vu to the point where i lip talk in my mind on how someone else conversvation goes,that doesnt even deal with me being in it.
    I’ve felt wierd vibrations in my body and i control them and send to another being, i can take energy away from beings and give it back i can read people better after taking there energy and then giving it back to them. I’ve also learned that i have the power to heal to the point that people can feel it while I’m healing them.
    My birthday is 07/08/1993 and my age 19.
    I’ve practiced befor going to bed on trying to have stronger connection with this energy or just try and raise the energy to the hieghest extent, and as I would do that my eyes would be closed and there would absolutely no form of light around me but I would see a flash of light. White very bright and strong as if it had a noise that came with it.
    I can feel energy radiating from my palms every other day.
    I would study about this type technique i have when i was about 15 to 16 and i would realize that it would give us information or instructions on how to do things, I would have already known about it or have already tried it when i was a little girl.
    I can reach an area in my brain where i can magnify the energy by thousands to the point my hole intire body would as if it would be vibrating, but for only so long. After that i would feel very good as if i had taken a prescription drug or that i have been relieved of my burdens and aches that my body has gained over time.
    I’ve had many connections to types of goddesses that have been worshiped in history, but i dont want myself to come to the conclusion on my owne.
    Thank you for reading, sorry for any miss spelled words or punctuation.
    Please contact me back, I’ve always had the feeling that i needed to tell some body not because of questions but because I feel as if someone good is looking for me.

    1. Hi Tanya, it’s wonderful to hear about your experiences and your connection with your divine energy. Keep studying and working on the connection so you have better control of it and it will serve you well. You might also enjoy taking my group study course on Wise Woman Wisdom at my Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences. All the best, *~Kala~*

  25. hi kala! ever since i was a child my mom has told me that i make some electronics go wrong , mostly watches i make them go back in time, my room is always dark, because my light bulbs go out super fast.. also iam I studying architecture and whenever i have i final , everything goes wrong like i get super stress out and my computer runs very very slowly i don’t know if it has something do to with it? also sometimes i go to print to some place and the printers stopped working or had some problem whenever it was my time to print.

    and above yo mention that there are different explications of why this happen .. how can i know my specific reason?

    1. Hi Maria, when my students would be working very hard on developing their psychic energies, the clock in the room would stop or the hands would move to different positions. Other times our aura is expressing a build up of energy when we are stressed or emotional and it causes these energy disruptions as well. You may enjoy reading my Awakened Aura book to learn more or to study in the upcoming group Awakened Aura course where you learn to work with and control this energy. All the best, *~Kala~*

  26. also i have an other question of which you may know the answer, the thing is well sometimes when i get distracted i can see peoples aura like if i dont think about it it happens, i dont know why , whenever i try it gets a little harder and i can only see like a little hint of it… but well the thing is the same thing is happening to me but with a building.. sometimes when i go pass it i se like a big cloud of dots in movement,.. i don’t know like static or energy .. that surrounds the whole building..but just that one specifical building..any idea of why this happens?? or what it is that i see?

    1. Hi Maria, when we see auras, we can see them around people, nature, pets and buildings. Even though buildings are not living entities, they hold the energy of the people in them that builds up and reflects as an aura, same with some furniture, which is why I am very picky about bringing antiques into my home. You have the ability to see auras, with a little study and practice, it sounds like you could see a lot more and have more control over it. All the best, *~Kala~*

  27. When I play Halo reach on LAN or Wifi my game will go black on stressful events as if I step around a corner and see 3-4 people , i guess i set off a EMP of a sort. Also I had a old radio system that volume was controlled by a dial. Its changed volume though the dial hasn’t moved as if more electrons were able to flow causing it to stay up a few notches.
    Unique genetics? i am double jointed in left hand fingers and both shoulder blades. When I walk past a thermostat on the living room wall, it ticks as if I set the temperature else where. Only reason it should is if I pushed a button but i just walked past….also in halo on a stage called countdown something wierd happened, when on a 7 kd w/o death i finally got shot on top level, that made my spirit jump, I didn’t want to die and then my body just shot perfectly across the map to the other side though the bullet force was completely out and opposite of that direction. How can I understand this more? While on the phone with my ex- now she was aggrevating when she says a 3some a joke,.. its not and as I explained the phone beeped as if someone was pushing it on either side, but no one pushed it, its magicjack so IDK
    Can when I meet an emotional peak(different brain wave) I can automatically send off wireless energies from anger/sorrow. Overall though wierd stuff usually activates when I’m not directly focused. Music for example if i listen to it and start singing it in my head it D/Cs from Pandora like wtf? I nailed the lyrics yet it stopped to buffer, though it was just playing a second ago before I started singing in my own head( audiovisual)perfect as if it was really playing. Can we train our neurons in our heads to connect out of us? Neurons never touch, its chemical reaction according to the charge the brain sends. My ex when she touched my arm and I was nervous first time we hung out and he finger got numbed as if a nerve was pinched, weird.. also once again static pops. What if we could(at maximum peak of energy) (being nervous,anxiety) and also will power/faith. How much you want that your neurons connect with a bridging charge

    1. Hi Devin, yes you are speaking from the scientific aspect of how we see and experience the energy around our body known as the aura. It’s surprising to some people when they first experience it, but we all have this ability to connect with and work with the aura. When we learn how to channel and control it, it can serve us very well and allow a deeper connection to ourselves and others. You might want to check out my Awakened Aura book or courses at my Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences if you want to learn more on how to channel this energy. All the best, *~Kala~*

  28. I have some interesting unusual science stories that dealt with quantum physics like one involving a photon beam that distrupted time and space but I cannot remember it.

    Makes me very frustrated!

    Dad will but it’s too late at night to get anything out of him.

  29. Since I was 8 I have affected electronics. I am 44 now. Back then there were less things to affect personally. Light bulbs, shorting out electrical sockets. Dad had to have electrician over a lot to check if our wiring was ok, which it was, then fix the affected socket. I couldn’t wear any watches but the wind up kind.when we moved to a town from our farm, doors that opened up by sliding open when you walk up to them, would never work for me. My Mom thought that I was just not a big enough presence. In my early adulthood it was normal already for me. When I got married, I took notice of it again because my husband did. During labor with my son, the monitor that measures contractions didn’t work. Only one nurse knew how far along I was after water broke. (28 hours later son born). Still affecting light bulbs, except for the ones on our high ceiling. ( very high) we have 4 electrical sockets that don’t work from me. My family won’t let me touch their cell phones because when I do they start flipping out. I can’t have a laptop because I kill them. My own cell phone we have rubber case for it, that helps. I have learned that whenever I get a migraine don’t use it. I wear gloves when I use my cell phone. I can’t use a hair dryer. The two things of interest to me is that I used to be able to kill the jukebox where we play pool if the music was horrible. It wasn’t on purpose. I learned to contain my thoughts on others music. It’s not fair to them to spend money for their music. If I am disturbed at a tv show the picture starts whacking out or it starts to flip thru menues( on demand tv) I have a concern I am afraid to tell Drs. I get very severe migraines, and recently bad chest pain with very high blood pressure. The electronic blood pressure machines no one can get a reading from on me. They resort to the manual ones. My blood pressure when in extreme pain is 162/123. They do ekg’s and have to keep repeating them. When they do get a reading someone will say that’s odd. The dr will tell me later Everything looks fine. I am afraid they are not getting a correct EKG reading. I am going to have to bite the bullet and risk looking crazy. What do I have to lose? Yes… My life. I thought I would share this in case anyone else has this issue and concerns.

    Peace to all Angel

    1. Angel, there are doctors out there who understand the holistic mind body spirit connection and will be open to what you are experiencing. Seek medical attention and find a doctor who will work with you right away. When your health is better, you might want to read more about the aura and how you can control and channel the energy so that it is not so disruptive to you and other people and their electronic devices. You can check out my The Awakened Aura book for more information. All the best, *~Kala~*

  30. I forgot to add a story about being a chaperone for my son’s field trip when he was in 8th grade. We were at an art museum. The guide told us not to touch anything or alarms would go off. If I walked even close enough to view( not touch) the alarms would go off. The guide started lecturing a child near me. I had to intervene and tell her it was my fault. I didn’t tell her how it was my fault. I’m sure I at that moment looked like the most irresponsible adult chaperone. It started to get comical for the kids near me. An elderly lady who was stalking our tour, told me off. I had my hands in my pockets and tried to walk completely in the center as far away from the exhibits as possible. A boy thought it would be fun to try to set off a sensor. I walked over to him before he did and the sensor went off. He didn’t touch it. The elderly woman told me off. Still not sure why. I destroy u-scans. At our grocery store I’m not allowed near them. The silly thing is, it’s not like I do this daily. When I am n a rush there are times I would like to use a U scan at grocery store instead of wait in line. It isn’t worth the trouble it causes others.

    1. Hey Angel. Honey …and anyone else reading, try to apply humour to your daily events of ‘tech Pesting’. I laugh, I try to educate with my proud list of Now useless things…and I give fair warning to peps if I’m around their items!! I get off on how people give me the Queer Eye, followed with a “Kitty you’re Cracked ” comment 😂🤣 With time and Kala’s guide, things will fall into place and our shared gift will be harnessed for positive work in this life. How lucky are we. ❤️❤️❤️ Xx

  31. I have been experiencing warm bursts of energy and my legs and I have practiced meditation. These feelings get stronger every time I breathe and try to make them increase. I am very interested in telekinesis and I think this has something to do with that. Please help me.

  32. Hi name is Joseph this is for Michelle’s ? I know that meditating will help restore your energy or eating healthy of course sleep is also one of the main ways to restore and always be positive and calm.

  33. today an a electronic devise turned on without batteries when I touched it. Many years ago when I lived in Germany, after running 31 miles I held a glass in my hand and the glass shattered.

  34. What so you recommend to offset this? I work on a computer all day, I always get weird things happening to my PC that my IT guy claims gnomes cause it. After looking into it and finding out it’s my chakra/energy causing the issues, I’ve been trying to find something to counteract my chakra/energy. I’ve read that there are chakra and magnetic bracelets. Do these work? Please help, I just want to be able to work without my computer crashing!

    1. It usually means that your energy is surging and not in balance in one of your energy fields, (the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual). When you see this happening with electronics, it’s time to pause. Take a step back from the device, and engage in deep breathing, deep breaths in and out, while you calm yourself. As you continue your deep breathing, ask yourself how you are feeling, are you upset or stressed? Do you feel out of balance. Visualize yourself feeling at peace and calm, with waves of cool blue energy washing over you. Stand and stretch. Then when you feel calmer, go back around the electronic device and you should see a difference. I’ve heard from some people who work in a very high stress environment, that they have placed a Himalayan salt lamp in their office or cubicle area and that it helps them. In the past, I’ve had large crystals on my desk to help in stressful offices, my two go to crystals for this are Amethyst and Hematite.

  35. Hi and shalom Ms. Kala my name is Jacob or Yisrael, and I wanna know what are the similarities and comparison of Telekinesis and Electromagnetism. Because while some and most people believe that telekinesis is based on some type of act of mind power alone and only seen as a fun fact or joke. but instead of thinking about it from a logical means and terms like, “what if telekinesis could be the use of “electromagnetic waves and energy fields” for starters?” Now, I’ve done my own research and so far I stand correct and have to the conclusions that telekinesis is the possible effect of “electromagnetic fields” and not some petty phenomenon of “Mind Power” alone. Now I do believe in “Mind Over Matter” or will power which is the ability to take any kind of pressure and withstand it. But I don’t think telekinesis fits that script. So please, share with me your facts and thoughts on this topic. Please and thank you.

  36. Hi Kala, Years ago I felt so awful about an infant being blind, after saying what beautiful eyes this baby had… I felt like crying, then this baby started focusing on me… Was that God acting thru me??
    My niece was doing an eulogy for her mother, I saw a white aura surrounding her and then around her girlfriend who was standing next to her for support… My niece lost her mother & 3 months before that, her father…
    I also have lights that burn out, or won’t go on until it want’s to go on… When I plug into the wall socket I usually see a spark… I smell off & on burning wires in my house… Do you think I should seek an electrician, to make sure everything is ok?
    also EKG’s won’t work the first time… I feel so relieved to know I’m not the only one with problems…
    With computers, I’ll type & it skips all over to my previous sentences… It takes forever to go back & correct… Take Care, Mary

  37. I would just like to contain it so i may have nice things and not ruin them. I would also like to use the ability properly. It would be helpful and mostly appreciated for your help.

  38. Help please! I short out electronics. This morning I touched the microwave and it blew out. I walked by a lightbulb and it shorted out.
    I always have computer and devices issues. When I go to the store the register always breaks down. My car shuts off. What is it and what can I do? My blood is also RH negative. I’m sensitive to led and other electronics.

  39. Many times I would come closer to the radio,it would have a better signal, clear sound. But once I would walk away from the radio, the sound quality was really bad.

  40. I’m so glad I found this Platform we can all relate too. With your knowledge and care Kala, mysteries now have answers and these answers open whole new directions and awesomeness. Fellow tech busters… Love yourself, relax, be patient, and blow a few light bulbs!! I go ta go me phone’s playing up 😂😂 l wanna learn the craft and harness this b4 my insurance premiums go up too 🤔❤️❤️❤️

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