Seeing 2020 and the Transformational Power of 33

Happy Thanksgiving!

While we celebrate this day of gratitude and there are many ways to celebrate it in conscious ways, see my post, what I want to share with you today is about the gift of time.

Timing, as they say, is everything and when we understand this concept, we can learn to connect with important dates and times that have a mathematical and a magical property within them. I tend to think that mathematics and magic operate by very similar properties and are more connected than most people think.

And when we understand how to work in connection with time, we become masterful creators.  Today, is one of those important numerical dates in time.

Astrology shows us how we can work with the energy of the planets and stars to harness time and use it wisely on the earth plane. It's a guide that when understood, allows us an advantage over time.  As JP Morgan said, "Millionaires don't use astrology, Billionaire's do". Astrology shows us our "lucky days" and times where we get that extra bit of positive influence/good stuff on our side, that helps us achieve a goal or dream. You know the one, the goal you've been working so hard at, giving it your all to accomplish. It feels like it might never happen and then one day, whoosh, you're there and it falls into place. Though you know it took the 95% effort of really hard work to come first, before that last little lucky bit took form and made it look easy to the rest of the world.

So as Your Travel Guide to the Other Side and Wisdom Teacher, on this very special day,  I want to share some secrets and the magic of time with you.

1. First, today, we are 33 days from the end of this year. 

Exciting right? And 33 is a powerful magical master number, I'll talk more about that in a minute. But first, I want you to pause, take a moment and breathe this in....

We are also 33 days away from a New Decade!

2. Have you thought about this?  That 2020, another power filled number sequence, and the beginning of a new marking of time, is 33 days away.

A whole new decade is upon us, an opportunity to write a new chapter in life and to do so with this grand divine timing!

3. Just to make it even juicier, we are under the energy of a New Moon, which means all combined, this is one of the best three day cycles of the year to make a wish for something you really desire to see come into being.

Think carefully and over the next three days, declare your wish out loud to the universe and ask for it to be made in Divine Order, Divine Wisdom and Divine Timing for Your Highest and Best Good.   See it and then allow it to take form.

Now, back to why I say 33 is such a powerful number. Let's look at the energy surrounding this number...

 The number 3 is about manifesting your talents and skills. Its focus is to connect the mind, body and spirit with the power of three in order to amplify this energy. It is a number designed to create and to make manifest.  The power of three brings transformation of the self, personal growth, evolution, and positive change. It leads to prosperity,

When we double this number into 33, it increases the vibrations into a master number.  This master number gathers the energy from the master numbers of 11 and 22 and at 33, it says - now be made manifest here on the earth plane and through the mind body spirit, thine will be done.  The fruits of our labor now come into bloom through this number.

You are here, under the magical number of 33 today, under the energy of a New Moon and surrounded by a day of gratitude.  If you've wondered what Divine Timing looks like, today is one of those days. 

So take a deep breath, blow out any old stagnant energy that no longer serves you and make a BIG WISH today. Then be prepared for the likelihood of it coming true in this NEW YEAR, this NEW DECADE. 


Soon I'll be talking about what the energy of 2020 will look and feel like.

If you want to know more about how it will direct affect you, check out my Year in Review Reading that is a private session with me where I share what's coming for you in 2020, giving you important dates to pay attention to, so that you can capitalize on all that hard work you've been doing and make it happen this year.   Like they say, Timing is Everything and All Good Things in Time!

Happy Thanksgiving indeed! Wishing you a day, a new year and a new decade full of love, joy, laughter, good health, prosperity, good timing and to be happy, healthy and wise.

Kala (PS: Did you know that my name is ancient Sanskrit and means Time!  I may know a little bit about what I'm talking about here ;)

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