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Marie D. Jones is a best-selling author, screenwriter, researcher, radio show host and public speaker. Recently, I sat down with Marie to discuss her work including her book –  2013: The End of Days or A New Beginning. as well as gathering her thoughts on our future and earth changes.

Kala: Hi Marie, thanks for taking the time to sit down and chat about your work. In 2007, you co-wrote the book – Supervolcano: The Catastrophic Event That Changed The Course of Human History, Could Yellowstone Be Next. This book reports on the eruption of the Toba supervolcano in Indonesia, which was the largest volcanic eruption in two million years. How destructive was this volcano and what happened around the planet during this time?

Marie: Toba was massive, releasing over 3,000 times the energy of Mount St. Helens. As a result, the planet was plunged into a volcanic winter that lasted about six years or so, and Toba also created a population bottleneck, which altered our genetic evolution. When Toba erupted 74,000 years ago, there were approximately 100,000 humans, and the supervolcano culled that down to an estimated 2,000 – 8,000 survivors. It is from those survivors we all exist today, and the Toba Catastrophe Theory claims that this event also caused the extinction of all other branches of humans except ours – Homo Sapien. Population bottlenecks occur in nature now and then, and sometimes species go extinct. In the case of us humans, we bred like crazy to make up for the lost population, and created a sort of “survivor genetic line.” This explains the reduction in genetic variation of our species, even as we have increased genetic differentiation. It also could explain why genetic differentiation among humans is a more recent phenomenon that seemed to have occurred around 75,000 years ago, and may be directly linked to the Toba event.

Kala: Is the next potential supervolcanic eruption predicted for Yellowstone National Park? What are geologists and other researchers reporting on these studies?

Marie: Yellowstone is certainly a supervolcano to watch, although it is not overdue as some people have mistakenly said. There is activity there and scientists are monitoring the caldera, but there are other supervolcano sites that could potentially erupt, including one that may be linked to the Southern San Andreas fault, according to research done at the Scripps Institute. Long Valley, California caldera could be just as devastating as Yellowstone, and it has the special characteristic of potentially being triggered by a major quake along the Southern San Andreas, which we are told is imminent. There is also unsettling news that a supervolcano may exist beneath the Mount St. Helens region, and we all know how active that region is! But as of today, there are no indicators of the kind of activity suspected prior to a super eruption to have earth scientists worried. Leave that to the doomsayers!

Kala: What are your thoughts about the earthquakes and tsunami’s occurring around the earth recently? Are there more to come? Also, what about the report that the 8.8 earthquake in Chile shifted the earth’s axis by eight centimeters, which removes 1.26 microseconds off of Earth’s daily rotation, therefore altering time?

Marie: The Earth is a living planet and the ground beneath our feet is never still. Quakes happen all the time, and we are much more aware of them now because of the availability of mass media. And when quakes happen in highly populated areas, thus killing a lot of people, they cause more fear and panic than those that occur in the middle of nowhere. But the many large quakes we are experiencing are not an indicator that the world will end, just Mother Nature up to her usual tricks. In fact, here in California, I learned that we had about 300 LESS quakes last year than the year before. And yes, massive quakes can indeed move the earth beneath our feet, and create mountain ranges, valleys and all sorts of changes to the landscape. What is really frightening is that more and more humans are choosing to live in coastal areas all over the world, thus increasing the chances of people dying from tsunamis. This is a human choice, though. Tsunamis are natural occurrences after some massive quakes, and only destroy villages that are in their path. We are the ones who choose to build those villages. I don’t mean to sound callous, I live in a quake zone, but it is my choice and when it happens, I cannot blame God or the devil or even nature for that choice. I am, however, fully trained in disaster preparedness and response.

Kala: Your latest work is: 2013: The End of Days or a New Beginning. There’s so much hype about 2012, movies, books, theories, arguments and wild speculations. Why do you think so many people have latched on to one calendar date from a culture that is not around to explain their date process?

Marie: We did it in the year 2000, too, with all the Y2K fears. I think we have a natural attraction to death and destruction, a sort of collective death wish, which explains the popularity of movies and books about disasters and end of the world scenarios. We get some kind of deep psychological satisfaction by predicting our own demise, and in the case of religious belief, a certain righteousness comes into play. The idea that one religion’s followers will be saved and all the other sinners will die. Why we latched on to the Mayan cyclical end date is beyond me. Most likely because it is the “next available date,” and when nothing much happens, people will find some obscure date in a holy text or prophecy and that will become the new end of the world focus. The Mayan people themselves, and their elders have spoken out about this quite recently, did not start the end days interpretations. Those are strictly tied to Western religious traditional beliefs. The Mayans were, as most, if not all ancient civilizations, people who believed in the cycles of nature and life and marked those cycles in their calendars just as we do. But when one cycle ends, we have NO reason to believe they were suggesting gloom and doom and extinction. They simply may cycle right back to year zero and start a whole new cycle. Just like every end of December we cycle back to January.

Kala: Let’s delve into some of the prophecies regarding 2012. First question, will earth changes occur in 2012 which will disrupt our lives with disruptive sunspot cycles and monster storms?

Marie: I again suspect there will be plenty of activity that will all be attributed of course to 2012. Storm intensity and frequency is part of long term climate changes we are seeing, and that will increase over the years. Sunspot activity is supposed to peak at the end of an 11 year cycle in 2012, although many scientists have now gone on record to say the crux of the cycle may not be as intense as first thought. BUT the sunspot activity can certainly disrupt our communications systems, electronics, etc. Again, though, we would suffer greatly because we have chosen to make technology such a part of our lives. The sun is just doing its thing, but we are now so technology-dependent, that yes, it could be catastrophic in that sense. I think most of the chaos and anarchy would again be because of human choice, not Mother Nature’s intention to punish us or put an end to us.

Kala: Theories abound regarding global warming including that resources will dwindle to such an extreme that it will force masses of people to move to different areas, which could disrupt nations and as a result, political structures. What is your opinion on this theory?

Marie: My father was a card carrying Republican. He is now totally apolitical because of this issue. He is a geophysicist, a respected scientist, and he and hundreds of his colleagues, whether earth scientists or marine or climate scientists all agree that global climate change is going to make life very different for our children and their children. The only people who are fighting the truth of these climate changes are those who have a vested interest in a political ideology, in the oil, coal and gas industries, and the religious right, who believe that the Earth is ours to dominate (although the Bible said we had “dominion” over, not “domination.”). This is an issue that enrages me, because the science behind it is solid and terrifying, yet we are only hearing from radio talk show hosts and politicians who have NO CLUE about the actual science behind long term climate patterns, and the evidence in the geological record. Even tree rings show clues. Humans disrupt their environment. Our waste disrupts water and soil. Our pollution dirties the air we breath. But few people are willing to take the kind of responsibility to own up to this and change their way of living to stop this train wreck, and that is why so many people side with the likes of Ted Nugent, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Again, these are people with their own personal agendas that do not involve the care of the planet and the quality of life of our future generations. It makes me livid, too. This is truly a situation where we’ve traded science for selfishness.

Kala: The other side of the prophecies focus on time accelerating and consciousness evolving at a rapid pace, creating new technologies and advancements in healing and medicine. Your thoughts?

Marie: I absolutely see the acceleration of the sheer amount of information that is coming at us, information we have to process and give meaning to, or reject entirely. Our brains are being stretched to the limit! Technology is developing exponentially, and sure, by 2012 we may be seeing things we cannot even imagine now. That is how fast things are moving. The good part of this is that human consciousness is being forced to evolve at that same exponential rate in order to keep up with the changes in our exterior environment. It’s adapt or die. If our consciousness does not shift to become more evolved, we will fall into a state of complete anarchy, individually and collectively. I am a big “fan” of novelty theory, singularity theory and time wave acceleration. We can FEEL things are speeding up. People’s lives are frenzied. If we don’t change something, it will no doubt get to a point of no return and we will be forced to change. I’d rather change by choice.

Kala: Getting to the crux of the situation, December 21, 2012 — overwhelming destruction, instant transformation or just a date that marks a period of time of an age and evolution?

Marie: Would you settle for a little bit of each? I think we are going to see all three. Somewhere in the world people will suffer overwhelming destruction, as in Chile and Haiti this year. I suspect more people will be open to transformation, so that will cause its own shift. And for those who continue to keep their heads in the sand, it will be business as usual. That is just my opinion, though. For all I know, the earth may end completely OR we will all be saved be an advanced race of beings. I don’t think any of us know what will happen until we get there.

Kala: Marie, you’ve also written the book 11:11 The Time Prompt Phenomenon. Many people report a connection to this time, even to the point of looking at a digital clock at this exact time repeatedly or waking up at that time and seeing the time on the clock. Is there a significance to this number pattern?

Marie: Yes, 11:11 is related to the 2012 phenomenon. It is the predicted time of the beginning of the winter solstice on December 21st, according to the Naval Observatory’s atomic clock, which is said to be the most accurate timekeeper we have. Hundreds of thousands of people see 11:11, although I suspect that many do because they have heard about it on the Net and thus begin to notice it. Our brains seek out pattern and will make something a habit once it does, so a person sees a specific number sequence once, then twice, then again and it becomes a pattern their brain then actually seeks out. But there is a theory as well that 11:11 is a message from the Universe, or higher beings, prompting us to wake up and be aware. I think perhaps the truth sits somewhere in between. Anything that alerts us to the importance of the present moment is a Godsend!

Kala: There are many number based patterns in nature like the golden ratio and the fibonacci sequence, referred to as sacred geometry. What part do sacred numbers and mathematical equations play in the universe?

Marie: Many scientists in a variety of arenas will agree that mathematics is the foundation of the laws of the Universe. Numbers play a critical role in how we perceive and shape reality, and have always been considered sacred, although modern humans tend to see numbers as trivial. Ancient people used number ratios and patterns found in nature to build places of worship and sacred sites. They understood that the Universal language was mathematics. Some people will say no, it’s music, but what is at the basis of music? NUMBERS. It’s amazing how intricately designed the natural world is, and yes, it is as if it were designed by a Master Mathematician! There is even a theory that the Universe itself can be explained using just six mathematical ratios, which I wrote about in “11:11 – The Time Prompt Phenomenon.” It is simply stunning that if any of those ratios was off by the slightest bit, we would not exist!

Kala: Thanks so much for your time Marie, appreciate your insight and time.

Marie: Thank you, Kala, for the great questions and for allowing me to discuss my work! I so appreciate it!

More about Marie Jones… Marie D. Jones is the author of many books including the coauthor of Supervolcano: The Catastrophic Event That Changed the Course of Human History, 2013: The End of Days or New Beginning and PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena. She is a widely published writer with hundreds of credits, including dozens of inspirational gift books and five Chicken Soup for the Soul books. She is also a licensed New Thought Minister and spiritual counselor with a background in metaphysical studies. Marie is a highly regarded and popular speaker on science, metaphysics, consciousness and the paranormal and has appeared at major conferences and events. he currently resides in sunny Northern San Diego County, California. More information about Marie can be found at: and

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