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I don’t remember when I first heard the term “psychic”.  

In my world, it had always been referred to by different names.



I grew up in Louisiana, where people who had this ability
were referred to as people who:
– had the sight
– had the gift
– knew things
– walked with spirit
My parents realized early on that I had this ability and it wasn’t a surprise to them as others in my family had similar gifts including my grandfather and my great-grandmother who supported her family reading tea leaves and tarot cards.  My mother also had these abilities and over time, I’ve seen that most everyone in my family is intuitive in one form or another.
In fact, working with students from all over the world like I have for the past fifteen years,

I’ve found that everyone I meet has some form of psychic/intuitive ability.
The only difference is how strong this natural ability is for them

and how open they are to working with their gifts.   
Psychic abilities are like all other natural talents, we have some inherent talent that can get us started and then it’s up to us to work and hone that ability to turn it into something greater.

This is where free will comes in.

Woman With Third Eye, Psychic Supernatural Senses


As a psychic, I enjoy helping people to understand what is happening in their life

so that they can solve their problems and live a better life.

It’s my joy to be of service, but like that ancient parable,
“feed a man a fish and he eats for day,
OR teach a man a fish and he eats for a lifetime”,

I don’t want you to feel that you always have

to go to a psychic for information,

I want to teach you to tap into your own psychic ability!


As a wisdom teacher, I’ve helped a wide variety of people with different skill sets

learn how to tap into their intuition and their psychic abilities.


Some of my students hone these abilities to have

Stronger Relationships with the people in their life,

others study Entrepreneur Intuition with me to grow their career

and many want to connect with Spirit on a deeper level

to expand their relationship with their Higher Self

and communicate with their Guides

to live their highest and best life experience.


We are in the midst of an evolution and in this time,

the veil is lifting between the earth plane and the higher planes.

People around the world are awakening to their sixth sense, which has been with them all the time.

They are now remembering how it worked before and how they can use this sense again. 

It no longer has to be a mystery, everyone has intuitive ability at some level.

Harnessing these powers are not as difficult as you may believe.

You have the wisdom, and as your guide, I’ll walk you through each step to tuning in to your psychic abilities.

Are You Ready to Discover Your Hidden Psychic Talents?




About the Author

Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". As an award winning author, national columnist, inspirational speaker, and host of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, Kala Ambrose's teachings are described as discerning, empowering and inspiring. Whether she’s speaking with world-renowned experts on the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, writing about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in daily for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations. A highly interactive teacher on a mission to educate, entertain and inspire, Kala teaches and writes about ancient wisdom teachings and how their techniques can be used in modern day living. Her books, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body and 9 Life Altering Lessons: Secrets of the Mystery Schools Unveiled both cover these topics. In addition, Kala shares her love of history, travel and the spirit world in her books Spirits of New Orleans and Ghosthunting North Carolina. Her books are designed to explore the history of cities in an entertaining manner while sharing haunted stories and offering travel tips on how to best see the cities to shop, dine, stay, and visit the haunted sites. Kala writes for the Huffington Post, the Examiner, AOL, Yahoo and Fate Magazine and presents workshops nationally on the Mind/Body/Spirit connection including Auras and Energy Fields, Developing Entrepreneur Intuition, Haunted History, and Wisdom Teachings at the Omega Institute, John Edward Presents Infinite Quest, Edgar Cayce's ARE, the Learning Annex, LilyDale Assembly, Daily Om and her school, the Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences.

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