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silver twinkles in auraSilver in the aura is rarely seen as a true full color in the aura.  It is usually seen in streaks or sparkles around a person. Ted Andrews describes one of the best examples I have ever seen of what these silver sparkles look like. He calls them “twinklies”. He reports that twinklies appear in auras, especially in women who are about to become pregnant or are pregnant.

If he saw twinklies around a woman and she was not pregnant, he would caution her that there was this type of energy around her and if she were not ready to become with child, that she would need to take extra precautions. I whole-heartedly agree with this assessment and give the same warning to my female clients.

When I see silver in the aura, I describe it in a similar fashion, referring to it as “sparkles”. I also see silver in long streaks and swirls around the aura, which usually indicates that something magical or miraculous is occurring around the person.   I see the silver “sparkles” around women who are close to conception, the little silver lights indicating that the body is receptive to pregnancy and also highlighting the activity from the higher planes as souls gather to see who will be reborn again.

What I have also seen with silver in the auric field, is a beautiful silver sheen around some women and men who understand and work with the forces of magic. Silver seems to only appear in the aura for a period of time, to bring creative energy and life force energy such as a pregnancy or to manifest something that requires a great deal of creative force such as seen in magic. I’ve observed silver appearing in the aura during high magical activities such as a high priestess conducts in rituals. When one engages in rituals and spells, such as drawing down the moon, silver also appears in the auric fields.

When Silver Goes Rogue

I have never seen silver as the primary full time aura in a person. Were I to do so, I would most likely presume that the person was not human in origin, but rather an alien or supernatural life form.

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Recommendations to Connect with Silver:

Foods: not applicable here for this color

Home Décor: I’ve noticed with great interest the current trend towards metallic and stainless steel appliances in the home. Perhaps this will stimulate the creative energy and force needed to turn the current economy around, by stimulating this energy in the home. Using real silver though, is the best way to connect with the energy of silver. It is rare to find silver utensils and teapots used in the home as they once were, due to the time required for care and polishing. Your best choice may be to purchase a silver coin.

Clothing: Silver, like gold is best worn in jewelry.

Gemstones: silver, moonstone, clear quartz, pearl

Flowers: a branch from the weeping willow tree or a rowan tree, white sage

Music: like the higher level auric fields and chakras, music can only serve at this level to life the spirit, so choose what feels right to you. Silver bowls and silver bells and chimes connect with the energy.

Activities: Spending time in the moonlight, and amongst the starlight, will connect you with the energy of silver. Magical activities done in the moonlight will attract silver energy as well.

Mantra: By the light of this moon, I embrace you divine mother. Protect me, guide me and hold me in your arms as I embark on this creative endeavor. I am yours and where there is water, I hear your name. Where there is a breeze, I feel your embrace, and where there is love, there is life. Be with me now as I travel on this path and seek the knowledge of the muses to assist me. Guide me and comfort me in my time of need. In your name, I give thanks.


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