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Would you live in a haunted house, whether it was actually documented as haunted or just known for having played one on TV?  Many actors in horror films later state in interviews that they felt a haunting presence around them when they were doing a paranormal movie and that strange things would occur while filming. If this is the case, what might occur to a home where a paranormal horror series was filmed?

American Horror Story might be the darkest and scariest show ever to play on television. Based on a haunted house that has seen horror after horror over multiple decades, each person who meets their demise in the home becomes trapped there as a ghost in a paranormal energetic grid which traps them indefinitely.  Lurking behind it all is a “big bad” invisible entity in the home with a hidden agenda that seems to prod and encourage the ghosts to do more dirty work while it seeks to manifest in full form.

It’s hard to imagine what’s to come in Season Two to bring the heat to compete with the non stop creepy action of Season One. Props to the actors including  Jessica Lange (Constance), who just received the SAG award for female actor in a drama series for the show, which airs on FX.

The six bedroom house perhaps is the unrecognized actor in the show, listed as a historic landmark with vintage decor and Tiffany glass windows completing the perfect setting for a haunted home. This home is not just a set, but an actual mansion known as the Alfred Rosenheim home and according to CBS, the Daily Mail , Huff Po and other sources, it’s going up for sale.

From what I’ve heard, the pilot of the series was filmed in the house and once it was picked up, later episodes were shot in a replica set at another location. Still, most anyone who has seen the show, would get a case of the tingles if they were able to tour the home, especially the basement…

My budgetary restrictions aside, it’s priced at a cool 4.5 million, after seeing the show, I’m not keen on living in this particular home, but if the Adams Family Mansion is on the market, I’d like to take a look. 🙂

Regardless, it is a gorgeous home and the slide show available on Huff Po displays over 25 photos of the beautiful dark wood paneling and other distinctive features of the home. See the photos here.  How about you, would you live in this house?


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