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goodlife40_angelkalaSince I was a little girl, I’ve seen the aura around everyone and everything. I would marvel at the beautiful colors around flowers in the garden and around the bees and humming birds.  I loved my dog’s aura, it was steady, sure and very protective around me. I felt his love for me through his aura as clear as I saw it in his eyes.

I didn’t know back then that other people didn’t see or feel the aura around people and in their homes. I assumed that it was as natural to see as the colors we see everyday, like the blue sky, the green grass and rainbows after a storm.   I still remember that day in elementary school when I was asked to color a picture of my home and family and I colored the aura around each family member as well as around our dog and our home.  

“You’re coloring outside the lines”, my teacher, a nun from the Catholic school I attended said to me.  “But Sister, that’s where the most beautiful colors are around each person”, I replied.  She gave me an odd look and sternly replied, “For this task, you are to color only inside the lines”.

goodlife40_kalaparanormalphoto215x300It wasn’t long after that experience that I realized that I saw things that others couldn’t or wouldn’t see.  A couple of weeks later, I asked Sister, my teacher, why the girl standing by the bathrooms never came into the classroom with us after recess.  She looked concerned and asked me to show her where the little girl was hiding. I took her to the bathrooms and pointed to the girl standing there in the corner. Sister looked at me angrily and asked me why I was playing tricks on her. She threatened to punish me if I did this again and I, along with the little girl standing there in her ghostly form, both looked just as scared by her threat.   The next time I went to the bathroom alone, I asked the young girl what she was doing staying in the bathroom and she told me her story.  This was the day that I became aware that not everyone saw auras and that not everyone could see or communicate with ghosts and the spirit world.

Beginning on that day, I started journaling what I saw around each person in their aura, and what I saw in the aura around buildings, animals and in nature. I made notes of how the colors shifted and changed and how the energy fields flowed around people. I noticed the lack of brilliant colors around ghosts, which differed in size, shape and glow from those who were visiting from the spirit world and I noticed how auras in people grew thin, how they leaked energy and how they grew sharp and projected outward when the person was angry.  

book-Awakened-Aura-230pxThrough these years of research, study and work as an intuitive, I determined how the aura creates the energy field around our body and how the aura holds the energy we release from our thoughts and our emotions. It also displays the physical well-being of the body. When we can view the aura and discern what the colors, shapes and symbols mean when seen in these fields, we can take steps to release unwanted, unhealthy energy and replace them with powerful, life affirming manifestations.

I’ve cultivated this lifetime of experience of what I’ve seen and experienced as I’ve read auras now for people around the world.  My journal that began in my younger years keeping notes on every aura I saw and interacted with, later became the foundation for my book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body, published by Llewellyn.  The Awakened Aura book received glowing endorsements and testimonials and won three major awards including First Place Best New Age Non-Fiction USA Book Award, First Place Gold Medal in Metaphysical Category by Living Now Awards and a Silver Mind Body Spirit Award by IPPY!

Now I spend my life teaching others how to see and work with the aura. I’ve taught students around the world how to change their life by understanding how the aura and their energy bodies work at world famous centers including the Omega Institute, the Learning Annex, Edgar Cayce’s ARE, LilyDale Assembly and to students worldwide through my Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences.

It’s now my great joy to announce that for the first time,
I will now be offering a Six Week Course on
How To See and Activate Your Aura
via a Live Group Webinar!

I’m so excited to be able to teach to you in this capacity! You can learn to see and work with your aura from the comfort of your home via this live online webinar with me.

goodlife40_auraactivatevideokalaambroseEach week I’ll teach you step by step how to see the aura and how to change your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy fields.  You’ll have the opportunity during these live events to interact with me and ask questions and don’t worry if you miss a week, the entire course is being recorded on video and will be made available to you, as your gift.

Don’t Miss this Opportunity to Learn How to Activate Your Aura!

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life as what we put into our aura magnifies outward around us creating experiences in our daily life.

Here’s just a tiny preview of what you’re going to learn during this six week series:

  • How to interpret and work with the auras of others, sense energy in animals, and sense and balance the energy in buildings and in natural locations.
  • How energy cords attach in relationships and how these cords can make or break your relationship
  • How the aura works during pregnancy and how the aura connects during sex
  • How every breathe you take affects the aura, your energy fields, your organs and your blood stream
  • How a depleted aura creates an energy vampire

And There’s Even More!

Here are my Gifts to You when you Register for the Activate Your Aura Six Week Webinar:

– Kala’s book, The Awakened Aura: Experiencing the Evolution of Your Energy Body

– Kala’s Two Hour Video Download on Activating Your Aura ( a $99. value)

– The Six Week Activate Your Aura Webinar Course will be recorded. Each participant will receive the complete Six Week Video Downloadable Series as your gift to keep!

– Upon taking this course, you are recognized as a student of Kala’s Academy of Mystical Arts and Spiritual Sciences and will receive valuable discounts to webinar classes, video downloads and private aura sessions.

The Activate Your Aura Course with Kala begins on
Thursday, January 15th

before December 5th
and save $100.


About the Author

Kala Ambrose is "Your Travel Guide to the Other Side". Award winning Author, Intuitive, Wisdom Teacher, Podcaster and Lifestyle Expert, she helps Entrepreneurs, Seekers and Visionaries live their best life.

She is the award winning author of six books including The Awakened Dreamer, The Awakened Psychic, and The Awakened Aura, and has taught thousands around the world how to connect with their soul path and destiny and create a life and career that is balanced and in tune with their life purpose and goals.

Whether she’s teaching students at her Academy of Mystical Arts & Spiritual Sciences, writing and speaking about empowering lifestyle choices or teaching to groups around the country, fans around the world tune in daily for her inspirational musings and lively thought-provoking conversations.

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