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Nerola Orange Blossom Candle

One of the aspects of Spring that I love the most is watching the light grow a little brighter each day.  Spring enhances and tantalizes all of our senses, from visually delighting our sight with the blossoming of plants, flowers and trees, to the sounds of the birds and other animals rustling around enjoying the warmer weather, to the intoxicating scents bursting forth from Mother Earth.  Spending time outdoors is the best gift we can give to our body, mind, spirit and our aura and energy bodies after a long cold winter inside.

Understandably, though many of us are currently afflicted by Spring Fever and have a natural desire to run to the islands to play, various commitments often keep us at our desks working at this time. One of my favorite things to do when I’m inside working and want to connect with light and the power of aromatherapy, is to light a scented candle nearby.  When I do, it seems to change the mood in my home and office creating a sense of calm and reverence. Depending upon the mood I’m in, I choose the candle that I feel which best lift, balance and lighten my spirit at the time.

The candle I’m currently in love with was a gift by a dear friend and it’s bringing me great joy!  It’s an enchanting blend called Nerola Orange Blossom, which is a soy candle made by Pacifica.  The legend of this scent is that a beautiful Italian princess lived in a village called Nerola in the 16th century. She so loved the scent of the orange flowers in the area that she began to bathe with them and use them to scent her clothing. Her signature scent became so popular in the village that others soon followed her lead and began using the flowers for themselves  The tradition continues and is shared in these beautiful candles and let me say, the scent is divine.  I so enjoy it in my home and the orange blossom scent is very purifying for the aura and to cleanse and clear stagnant energy in the home which gathered through the winter.  This beautiful candle burns for one hundred hours, giving me plenty of time to enjoy and shift the energy in home and body, mind and spirit from Winter to Spring.

As Summer approaches, I think I’m going to order another one of Pacifica’s candles Tahitian Gardenia, which sounds fantastico! Gardenia is one of my most favorite scents ever!

While I’m on the track of mentioning a few of my favorite things, I was recently introduced to this blog post about the Tarot.  Listing the Top 20 Tarot Card Blogs, I found it a great resource if you’re looking for more information on the Tarot. Listed as Number One is Mary K. Greer, whom I adore and have had as a guest here on the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, where she shared 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card.

Happy Exploring and Happy Spring!

Much love,


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