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OK, so this is personal….

Laundry Basket With TowelsI once had this dream that shook me to my core.

In the dream I was in my laundry room and reached down to pick up a basket of laundry, when a snake popped out of the basket and bit me!

I remember the shock and surprise by this attack. I dropped the basket and grabbed my arm and the snake disappeared into thin air.

I woke from this dream with my heart pounding with no clue what it meant.

The next night when I went back to sleep, I had the same dream again, except this time when I reached into the laundry basket the snake was TWICE AS BIG that bit me!

I sat up straight in bed,
shaking my head,
wanting this dream to stop


Since the dream had occurred a second time, I got up for a minute to write down all of the dream that I could remember, along with the dream from the evening before.

What stuck out the most to me in the dream, were these details:

1. I was caught completely by surprise that the snake was in the laundry basket when it bit me.  Laundry is an activity that I associate with being a pleasant activity, so the fact that the snake was in a place that I think of as comforting, was concerning.

2. Both times when the snake bit me, it hurt and was shocking, but I noticed that the bites were not poisonous. I was sad and hurt from both bites, but neither was a deep bite and neither affected me for very long.

3. Both attacks occurred on my left arm. The left side of the body is the receptive side and the right side of the body is the active side.

With this information, I began to interpret the dream

What I was able to discern is that I was going to receive an attack of some kind from a person whom I normally found to be a comforting person in my life.

The left side of my body is receptive, when indicates that the attack would come from another person, rather than something that I did to someone else.  

The laundry room gives me a warm, comforting feeling, which is why I was so surprised that something bad happened to me in this place.  So the person who was going to attack me in some form, perhaps saying something hurtful or doing something mean to me, was going to come from a person that I felt close to and generally trusted.  

I realized there would be two incidents when this would occur, and I would be caught off guard when they happened. In the dream I was peacefully doing laundry, when out of the blue the attack occurred with no warning.   But it didn’t stop here, the dream came again…

On night three,
the dream recurred again,
only this time the snake was HUGE
It filled most of the basket
and when it bit me,
I could feel its poison
coursing through my veins
as my energy grew weaker!

Waking from that dream, I realized that this person would do something to hurt me three times and that the third incident would be the worst and it would most likely poison and sever the relationship between us for a very long time if not forever.  

I also noticed in the three dreams that each time I was doing the laundry, the basket was full of light pastel colored clothing, which indicated to me through the colors that the time frame that this incident would occur in the Spring.  There were other details that gave me a pretty good idea of identifying who this person was who would attack me.

Now armed with this information,
I could be prepared for what was to come
and I had time to do something different
about the situation

dreambubbleI could reach out and try to talk with this person and get them to open up about their feelings, before it boiled over into a confrontation where they wanted to fight with me.

I could decide to withdraw from this person and keep the relationship on a very limited basis

or I could allow things to continue as they were, while armed with the knowledge that this person had underlying negative feelings about me that look like they will come to a head with me in the Spring.

There’s a great deal more information in this one dream that I’d like to share with you, including that snakes represent wisdom and through this experience, I would emerge wiser, stronger and more sure of myself having gone through this painful experience. I’m going to share the rest of what happened in this dream here in just a minute, but first, I want to explain that:

This is just one example of what your dreams are trying to tell you.  

My dreams have been very helpful and important to me and I pay great attention to them.

They’ve guided me in decision making, connected me with loved ones on the other side, warned me about problems to come and have been an amazing source of inspiration and creativity.  

They’ve also helped me grow my business and shared information with me to help others with their life challenges.  I keep a dream journal and it helps me plan for the future and prepare for things to come. I want to help you learn how to interpret your dreams so that you can do the same. But first, back to the story…


My dream with the snakes in the laundry basket came true that Spring.

stormskyI had tried to counteract the energy, by reaching out to the person and trying to connect deeper with them in order to allow them to share their feelings, but they were in a dark place where they were not open to sharing and working on their feelings.

They were looking for someone to blame for their problems and wanted me to be their scapegoat.  There was little I could do to stop this, but at least I was forewarned that it would come, which helped me understand why it was happening when it did.

My dreams warned me ahead of time of this problem and so when trouble came, I was calmer and better able to deal with and understand that it was not something that I had done to this person, but rather something that they were going through. They were hurting everyone around them and I was just one of several people subjected to their attacks.  

While this incident was still very difficult to deal with, it helped me to not take it personally when the person said and did mean things to me.  

This is an example of one of a thousand dreams
that I’ve had that have been helpful to me
in this lifetime.

The dreams are helpful because I know
How to Interpret What the Dreams Mean and
 How to Take Action on Them

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